photonepal ( campaign is a special platform to exhibit photographs of all including potterer and professional alike and building business contacts between photographers and patron. In addition to #photonepal, it is likely to say the start of the promotion of tourism.

#Photonepal attracts the domestics and foreign tourists by spreading the maximum materials through photos of touristic places that are in shadow although having immense potential for tourism. Likewise the goal of launching the portal is to provide opportunity to the maximum number of photographers. Any individuals can upload relevant photo on this portal by signing up.The photos will, however, be selected based on their quality and appropriateness.

The site has more than 5000 visitors with the 50 plus daily sign up with more than 1000 plus photographer uploaded the sites. Photographer can acquire their income by remarketing their photos on the portal to an individual whoever wants to take over or had made contact for it. The photographs are protected by copyrights clauses and not only share photographs for international outreach nut also contributors of Nepal are eligible to take part in photo contest being held from time to time.

In the same way, continuing the spirits, 2020 is now the dedicated ‘New Tourism Year’ for the federal Nepal, targeting 2million tourist arrival, augment economic opportunities and increase employment in tourism sector by 1million. The campaign objectives are
1. To expand and extend tourism product and services in new and potential areas of Nepal.
2. To publicise, promote and enhance the image of Nepal in international tourism source market.
3. To attract new investment in creating new tourism facilities, products and services.
4. To enhance flight safety and aviation security, extend air connectivity, and improve capacity and facilities of national and international airports.
5. To develop tourism as a broad-based sector by bringing tourism into the mainstream of Nepal socio-economic development,supported by a coherent.
Taking about its strategics pointed as below:
1. Improving livelihoods and spreading benefits of tourism: By increasing government spending in tourism sector to create infrastructures e.g airports,trails,tourism attraction and facilities.

2. Economic mainstreaming: Encouraging coordination and involving government agencies, non-government agencies, travel trade entrepreneurs, communities, people in tourism activities such as national tourism fair, international trade shows, sales mission, promoting campaigns and so on.

3. Destination marketing: Vigorous tourism promotion campaigns in partnership with privates sectors, airlines and other national and international organizations. Internet marketing can also be used to promote Nepal in international source markets.

4. Attract new investment: Providing incentives to the international and indigenous investors investing in the rural and remote areas.



Roshani Basnet

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