Official video of Nepali national anthem

How proud we are when the national flag of Nepal was displayed in Burj Khalifa during our national constitution day, every Nepali beholds the extreme proud and connection with National identities and integrals. A lot of things changed since the Janaadnolan, the structure of parliamentary system, democratic fundaments and even the national anthem changed. The hidden imperialism and disparities were erased from existing national integrals and the wave of equality and inclusion appeared in the new Nepal.

New Nepali anthem’s lyrics was chosen from an open competition and so was the video concept for national anthem. Many of us have still to see the official video of national anthem, please follow the below link to view official national anthem’s video.

Mr Janak deep Parajuli, A prominent media person and movie director is the one who manifested and made this video. Janak is well known for his innovative concepts in video making, music video directions and he has been coordinating and assisting international movie makers in their shoot at Nepal. Since his early time, he started career as a lyricist and well established singers like Madhu Chetri, Nalina Chitrakar, Sarisma Amatya, Sugam Pokharel and several other singers have sang his lyrics. Gradually he started his steps and studies on video making and movie production.
Janak has served as a consultant for media interventions for Vitamin A program for more than a decade, he has directed more than 160 videos & documentaries.

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