love latter

A letter to my ex

Dear Ex,
I still remember you, sometimes!

For the first time I met you, an anonymous force created love gravity. Relation string was discomposed but still some leftovers of that love dish makes me remember you, time and again. We constructively ended everything but stupid heart, you know? I still remember your smile and please don’t smile as you read these pages; you will definitely read this as a copy of this magazine will be posted to your home. This is nothing to apologize or regret, trust me, I am still as stupid as I were back then. You are probably also experiencing lingering attachment. Passing by Bhrikutimandap Park and Maitighar Mandala still reminds me of you but indeed not with any feelings of loss. I cherish the beautiful stupid time we went through and memories we made, that’s it. Still, if I search your emails in my ID, plenty of poems and cards appear as an email attachment. After our breakup, I turned to be a freelance lover with plenty of attachments, half attachments and quarter ones. But now, I admit that I am in a relationship with the love of my life, she has many characteristics like you. Till last year, I remembered your phone number but now I realized that I am confused on the last three numbers. After all why would my mind remember such phone number which is not in use for me since years? Previously every time I looked at your social media account, my mind always misinterpreted what I saw. This is probably because I had some unresolved feelings after breakup. Now I have solved everything and I have perfectly recovered. The end of a relationship is a very difficult thing. We can all agree on that, this is the lesson I learn from our breakup. Last but not the least; I would like to say sorry for any inconvenience if I ever did after breakup. However, I have realized that this is a normal part of grieving and letting go after a relationship dissolves. I am happy that once you were in my life as my girlfriend and dear Ex, I still remember you sometimes.

Suyog Dhakal

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