Top 5 things we are doing wrong in our daily life

Top 5 things we are doing wrong in our daily life

Suyog Dhakal-These are the top 5 things we are doing wrong daily or let’s say top 5 things yet to be right in our daily routine. Maybe you didn’t know you were going through life making things so much more difficult for yourself, Let’s know about those things, shall we? Let’s open this list, 5 things you never knew you were doing wrong.

1. Eating an Apple
We all know the fact that “An Apple a day, Keeps a doctor away”,don’t we ? But for most of us, apple is somehow tricky fruit to eat; you know what I mean ?
Research shows that the average person discards 30 percent of an apple. If you also want to do that, bite into its side. If you don’t want to be that wasteful, reduce the amount you discard by eating it top to bottom for maximum apple consumption. Yeah not like Steve Job’s apple; rather start biting from the bottom.

2. Collecting phone numbers
We all are well equipped with a mobile phone and each of them have their own typical numbers, don’t they ?
Saving the right number is very important so here is an easy trick; Find out if they gave you the right phone number;read it back to them with one number changed. If they correct you, they gave you the right number. It’s simple, isn’t it ?

3. Brushing your teeth
Brushing your teeth straight after the meal does more harm than good, doctors say. You should never clean your teeth directly after having a meal, because you’ll push acid deeper into your enamel.
Also – don’t brush too hard or for too long. Rigorous brushing can damage your gums.
Keep off your dentists, keep smiling, click click.

4. Sitting
Our bodies aren’t designed to sit in the straight-backed chairs we’re used to because they cause the back muscles to relax, meaning the spine then takes the entire weight of the upper torso. The extra stress can put pressure on our spinal disks and eventually lead to chronic back pain, Scottish and Canadian researchers discovered.
It’s actually healthier to sit on a stool or a recliner – but perhaps not so practical for the office.
So what about changing chairs for avoiding back pains?

5. Untangling your headphones
You need your headphones desperately but then you realize that both the edges seem like having sex and entangled so much in each other that your irritation doubles with the desperateness. So here is the trick to avoid those frustrating knots. To make sure your earphones don’t get tangled, try using bread ties and keep them in place.
For something a bit less fiddly, learn this trick: wrap the wires in a figure of eight around your index and little finger. When you have about 15cm left of wire, wrap it around the centre of the figure of eight.

This was it, see you in next episode with some other interesting facts.


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