Effect of corona virus in  Nepali tourism year 2020.

Nepal is one of the best place to visit and to observe it’s natural beauty. Many people visited nepal and this year is  announced as  Nepal tourism year 2020.Nepalese people are very excited to welcome the tourists and all the preparation is going well.But as we know that corona virus is spreading from china to nepal, Many of the tourists who want to come in nepal might be changing their mind.

The global transportation is affected because of this case. More than 20 countries is being affected by this virus. People who visited Wuhan China. Many people died from this virus in china. There is no proper treatment in nepal .And must of us aren’t aware about this virus. Transmission routes between people are still under investigation , though it appears to be passed on mainly by close physical contact and tiny droplets in the air. An important question still to be resolved is whether people who are infected can pass on the virus if they are not showing symptoms. WHO suggests people to wear mask and wash hands more often.

Since China is Nepal’s neighbour country, Nepal is on high risk of corona virus spread. Many tourists might not dare to visit nepal because of this issue. It might cause less number of tourist during visit nepal year 2020 . Nobody wants to visit anywhere risking their life knowing it’s dangerous.

No existing drugs are invented to cure this virus.Since there’s a saying,”prevention is better than cure” tourists might prevent this visiting year.However CEO Of Tourism board Mr Dhananjay Regmi says “we have zero impact from corona virus”.

Manisha Bk

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