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Chinese Chan-Tea Musical Concert Nepal

१५ मंसिर २०७५, शनिबार १३:१५

Music guide towards peaceful mind and soul. It breaks the language barrier and unites human differences. Chinese Chan-Tea musical concert in Nepal was organized to spread happiness and blissfulness as a means towards peaceful existence. The concert was organized on 29th November,2018 at Nepal Academy Hall. The organizers for this event were China International Cooperation Centre,Boshan Zhenguje Monastery China,Zhengjue Cultural Development Center China and Byoma Kusuma Buddhadharma Sangha Nepal.

The Chinese tea culture has always been praised as it is enriched with the meaningful gestures. It basically signifies the intimacy and holds the beauty of co-existence. The traditional Chinese Chan tea culture was organized first time in Nepal and it showed its relation to meditation. The history of over 1000 years of Chan Tea includes the preaching of Lord Buddha and meditation. Moreover, it carries the essence of Buddhism.
The total of 19 performances were conducted which dedicated diverse flavors of music identifying the features of Chan Tea art and meditation. The Chinese artist expressed their arts via songs, music, dramas, and operas segregating its sessions in linking with different climate seasons.
The poems for tea had a new lens signifying the joy of sharing and drinking tea together, beautiful feelings of washing tea leaves with hot water, visualizing the wonderful evening breeze in the cottage of tea garden and following the path towards auspicious and happy life.

– Bijaya Dahal

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