Asia Pacific Summit 2018-Nepal

Peace is an essential facet in the present world. The unified world for peace prevalence is prioritized and in the quest has been attempting diverse efforts. The Asia Pacific Summit 2018 – Nepal is one such effort towards peaceful existence of humanity and leaving behind legacy of peaceful attributes. This conference having its objective towards addressing critical challenges of our time: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values will be held till December 3, 2018. The opening session of the summit was held at Hyatt Regency on December 1, 2018 in the presence of guests from 45 countries including few head of states. Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Nepal Chapter is the organizer of this event.

The different global interactions to solve various problems as a necessity was emphasized by the Rt. honorable prime minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal K.P Sharma Oli. He further highlighted on the current trends of challenges in regards to climate change, poverty reduction tourism, science and fostering of peace. He moreover insisted on prosperity that cannot be achieved in the expense of others; clearly signifying the individual respect. Sharing the history and the timeline of Nepal he praised the resiliency of Nepali people. He pointed on the prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali.

This summit is expected to be the milestone in flourishing peaceful means through interdependence with equal voice to share, mutual prosperity showering respect and universal values practicing the concept of unity.
Towards addressing the critical challenges in this contemporary world several thematic concerned were shared by the speakers giving the glimpse of hopeful unified world of peace.

– Bijaya Dahal


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