NTB Launches “Nepal From Your Window” Photo Contest

Considering the limited mobility during the lockdown, Nepal Tourism Board(NTB) has launched a photo campaign entitled: “Nepal from Your Window”. The contest, which is open to all the people staying in Nepal, provides an opportunity for all the photographers, aspiring/ established to communicate visually the beautiful sceneries of Nepal, as well as share ideas to reflect how beautiful Nepal is.

The launch of the photo contest has already been announced thru all communication channels of NTB. “It’s always enlightening and refreshing to engage with young people to learn more about the ideas and aspirations they have regarding photography. The photo contest will be an incredible opportunity to visualize their perspectives on the place they are based,” NTB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dhananjaya Regmi said.

The contestants can click a photo of their village, their surrounding, or a view and share it with us. The best 5 photos will receive 10 thousand rupees each.

NTB has been organizing #photoNepal exhibitions regularly since the last four years. With new responsive portal any user can send pictures which they have captured in Nepal portraying the natural beauty, culture, heritage, and traditions of Nepal or any related with tourism.

www.photoNepal.travel initiation of Nepal Tourism Board has now over 20 thousand pictures and 2 thousand members. Any individual can sign up and upload pictures in the website, which need to be approved by the NTB.

The campaign will accept photo submissions till May 31, 2020. Each photograph must include a short description to explain how the image captures a contest. The winners will be evaluated by a panel of judges including professional photographers. The selection will be based on originality, technical excellence and artistic merit. Five best pictures will be entitled to cash prize of Rs 10,000 each.

Full competition details can be found at https://photonepal.travel/blog/nepal-from-your-window

Nepal Tourism Board
News Release
April 29, 2020

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