The Voice Experience in Nepal

The journey of music that started from performing in informal gatherings led Ankit Babu Adhikari to be one of the contestants of The Voice. Ankit says that music has always been a part of him.

When Ankit got eliminated from Nepali Tara, he thought of releasing his own song, ‘Raam Naam’. He was ego driven at that time but eventually, he started believed in quality and evolution. So he took some time to release his songs. Some of his songs helped him gather audiences nationally and internationally.

While Ankit was focusing on his songs, he heard about The Voice. Upon searching further, he found out that the judges were quite experienced. Although he was releasing his songs on a regular while, very few people knew about him. The Voice had an exposure to a wide range of audience. Thus, he decided to take it as a platform for his recognition and to showcase his talent.

कथा भन्ने संगीतकार : अंकित बाबु अधिकारी

As an artist, he gets aesthetic pleasure by performing in stage and The Voice was the best option for him. For the blind audition of The Voice, he chose a very old song and practiced well. When he posted it on Facebook, he got positive feedbacks. So, he decided to go with the song, ‘Sawari Mero Relaima’, the song sung by a first female singer in Nepal.

Ankit says that he didn’t expect his journey to end that soon. He admits that though he was sad, the overwhelming love from his teammates and other contestants consoled him. Throughout his journey, he felt coaching sessions to be quite interesting. The grooming session helped him a lot on his musical journey. In short, Ankit feels lucky to have experienced a beautiful journey as such in The Voice.

Ankit Babu Adhikari

Posted by Livemandu on Tuesday, 4 December 2018

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