3000 people in Tokyo & 300 people in Paris participated in protest march against China’s human rights violations

Nearly 3,000 persons belonging to and supporting the Tibetan, Uighur, Mongolian, Hong Kong, Taiwan people against atrocities and human rights violations by China marched from different parts of Tokyo on October 3.. the well-planned demonstration comprised groups proceeding to the central venue through three different axes: about 600 persons were in the Uighur group, over 2,000 in the Hong Kong one, and over 600 in the Tibetan and Mongolian group.

All were shouting slogans pointing out specific Chinese activities: the draconian National Security Law in Hong Kong, the imposition of Mandarin Chinese language in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a crackdown on religious freedoms in Tibet and Xinjiang, and China’s aggressive and threatening actions against Taiwan.

The participants included not only people from these affected regions, but also from within the Japanese community, and from other Asian nations.

Separately there was a similar large protest in Paris on October 1 represented by the same groups – Tibetans, Uighurs, and Mongolians. This was under the banner of the Global Day of Action against the Chinese government a d the Chinese communist party.

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