ankit babu adhikari

Creating songs out of stories

Every song has its own meaning but not every song speaks the story. When stories turn into lyrics, song happens. Ankit Babu Adhikari is one of those artists whose songs speak stories. Born in Dang, brought up in Nepalgunj and now a resident of Kathmandu, Ankit always felt that music was a part of him.

He usually sang in informal gatherings. His journey started when he got to act as a singer in Kumar Nagarkoti’s drama, ‘Coma: A Political Sex’ back in 2013 performed in Shilpee Theatre. Through the drama, he had a formal exposure and interaction with audience.

Ankit slowly started exploring and collecting stories. He would get fascinated by small incidents or even minor religious facts that would inspire him to write songs. As an artist, he gets aesthetically pleased when he sits to write songs or compose them. Some of his songs reflect cultural values. He is not much of a religious person but he loves working with culture. He works on symbolism and artistic portrayal in cultural values. He respects religion with grace and faith and this trait can be felt in his works too.

He believes that there’s an art in everything. He just tries to cherish the beauty in his songs and works. He has succeeded to do so as well. The audience love his composition. The meaningful lyrics, heart throbbing composition, melodious soundtrack and beautiful story makes his song complete as a whole.

Ankit wants his audience to recognize him as simply as they can, without many labels or expectations. He just wants them to know him as a musician. He wants to work in a versatile manner, not sticking with only one genre or style. Ankit does believe that attention is necessary but that is definitely not why he makes music. He makes music because that’s where his happiness lies, that is what sets his soul on fire. He sings because he is happy doing so. He wants his music to be free of all the labels and is working hard to do so.

All the songs that he has released has gotten good response from the audience so far. As for the future, he wants to go with the flow as he believes music is an evolutionary process. He wants to focus on the quality rather.

The Voice became the right platform for Ankit to get in touch with a wider range of audience. It helped him on his recognition and also encouraged him to showcase his talent. His works are gradually getting admired by audience worldwide.

Have you listened to his songs? If not, what are you waiting for? You never know, it might make your day!

Here’s the link to his songs:

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