Business Clinic Nepal- For the Wellness of Nepali business in Post-COVID Adversities

The overcrowded yet delightful space where I found my solace, at present is vacant and lifeless. The rusted chairs that used to be super occupied, are waiting for visitors to acknowledge them like they were before. The home-like hangout spot I visited next to my house, has lost its pull and has sunk into the melancholic mood. The business that was established, will remain just another “to-let” labelled shop down the streets; unwanted and isolated? I question myself time and again while looking outside my window, where did everything go wrong? In the Post-COVID world, people are not the only one departing, but their dreams of their businesses are fading away too. And that favorite tea shop of mine is one among them.

What about you? Are your favorite vendors or sellers or service providers doing okay in Post-COVID? Are those outlets open or closed? There is a huge shockwave in Nepali Small and Medium sized businesses with the aftermath of pandemic.

Is it just me or have you noticed this too? Have you scanned around your surroundings and noticed those small shops where you frequently visited or the ones were ever-so-ready to be the ultimate service providers for you before the pandemic happened? If you have, can you see through their pain? And if not, why haven’t you?

Bijaya Tripathi
Bijaya Tripathi

The COVID-19 Nepal Business Pulse Survey carried out between May 25 and June 10 by the IFC and World Bank, in partnership with the government of Japan, reveals that over half of Nepal’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) face the risk of permanently closing their operations within a month under the current conditions of COVID-19 impacts. This pandemic has been successful to break down all the possible latitude for the business owners to function professionally and has brought upon unique financial fragility for them to face. Slowly and gradually, due to the situation of the descending impact of business operations, business owners have started to lose hope and have thought about discontinuing the services or selling off their shops, to have access to proper amounts of funds for them and their family’s survival. At the same time, a good percentage of SMEs & MMEs holders, worry about the viability of their business because the resources for their services may not be steady for the upcoming years which may affect the revenues.

These days, the owner I thought I saw to be cheerful and jubilant, feels like a desolate face in front of the mirror. His eyes show his disintegrated willpower. Increasing uncertainties and collapsing tenacity has embedded dramatic loss in his business’ revenues, demand and ability to govern. Additionally, his one and only motorbike he loved so much, seems to nowhere near his reach. I wonder, maybe he sold to pay rent or feed his family. What will he do now? Close his business and stay at home or to counterattack the territory generated by this epidemic?

So, does your business status empathize with this instance? Is your business under loss too? Are you having a hard time retaining your employees? Are you struggling to maintain financial stability through business? Don’t worry! I present to you our Business Clinic, I just came across with this brilliant idea manifest.

Technically speaking, an individual visits health clinics to understand their issues when they are unwell. Likewise, when a business is unwell with their own criteria based complications, Business Clinic provides the best treatment plan for people who want to recognize those issues and amend them.

Their service? You might be well aware of emergency wards in hospitals and clinics. Acute ailments require immediate consultancy with doctors, the health expertise. Correspondingly, acute business infirmity requires immediate counselling and consultancy with business expertise. For prognosis and treatment of vital signs of your business we bring you our business emergency service. Furthermore, they provide you our Business OPD Service too. Here, they deploy counselling expertise to help you with decision making and profit through experience sharing and constructive advice. Wouldn’t it be better to hear and discuss strategies with expertise rather than trying to find your way out through your business frailty by yourself!

Laboratory is an essential part of clinics. No disease can be diagnosed without doing the required tests (blood test, urine test, stool test, x-rays etc.) Thoughtfully so, they don’t leave out this essential facet. Their business diagnostic lab here dispenses various business tests. Business vitals return ratio, risk profile, passion check, these all which are an integral precursor of your business profile is scrutinized in our lab. Visit them, along with the appraisal we provide your business medicines and therapy as well.

Indeed, this pandemic has digitized the whole world. Schools, offices and even health services are functioning through digital platforms. Social distancing yet connecting is what every institution is relying on. So why not business? Do you want to secure a strong position in the digital market by registering your business in the business directory for free? They are here at your service with our business directory. Ever wondered what consumers think about your service or goods? Ever wondered your business’s utility? You’re obviously not alone in this business game. Ever wondered why your competitors might be soaring high? Or do you want to join the homogenous pool of entrepreneurs like you? If yes, take upon our business community service to enhance your entrepreneurial venture. Summing it up, this business clinic deploys measures to support SMEs and the self-employed during this severely challenging time by providing business coaching, feature stories of well-established business magnates and possible approaches for business and by playing the role of a mediator. It will not just connect individuals with entrepreneurs but simultaneously connect with people with other business owners to discuss and address the ongoing opportunity crisis. This project mainly focuses on encouraging and outlining a plan of action for SMEs & MMEs owners to revive their business and its operations in the present as well as in the future.

We are in such a period of time, everything we do seems right, at the same time, it deems us in such a way that we stress about where we went wrong. Nothing appears to be on our side to bite this bullet and call it a day. You, me and we, have to go through this rough turbulence together. Like they say, after the hurricane comes the rainbow, something hopeful is waiting for you after this difficult chapter of life. Hence, Business Clinic is here for you to bridge this gap between you and your happiness; you are here for yourself, and we are here for you too.

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