The post covid education trend in Nepal

The post covid education system in the context of Nepal is slowly taking a leap forward to the future of e-learning. Before Covid, education in Nepal was conducted in classrooms with dedicated time period. Even though educational institutions are beginning to open physical classes, e-learning has established itself to be a better alternative in this post-covid world. To further understand the benefits and importance of internet education, an interview was conducted with one of the bests in the business to get a boarder sense of what really is e-learning and how its changing the way of education.

During the interview with Mr.Suyog Dhakal and Mr.Anil Chaudhary the founders of SATSOM and NayaKitab respectively, Ashutosh barsingh karki; the interviewer sat down with both of them and had a brief discussion about their institutions and their collaborative effort to help students in need in times like these pandemic.

SATSOM and Nayakitab are working together to provide opportunities for students whose dreams were disturbed by covid-19. In this post covid world, e-learning is the most effective and the safest way to gain education. Mr.Dhakal had an interesting take on online education and how covid has actually done some good in education system. “From generations, the education system has been the same with the same classroom, the same board with the same desk and benches. We had been studying in the same format since hundreds of years with no real progression to the methodic L.B.H way until Covid which forced us to take the e-learning approach”

When asked about the range of e-learning to students in Nepal, Mr.Chaudhary of Nayakitab said “students are finally being aware of the wide range of learning methods that are way simpler and more efficient and institutes like SATSOM and NayaKitab are the one paving the pathway to the new system of e-learning.”

For students who are clueless about your company how would you describe it? “We provide entrance preparations for engineering, nursing, MBBS and bridge course to students. Interested pupils who are say taking IOM are provided with notes, mock tests and even video tutorials. On this collaboration between SATSOM and Nayakitab, we handle the testing platform while Nayakitab is responsible for live classes”

What makes SATSOM better and different from the rest? “SATSOM adapts to the students desired amount of learning time, our website can evaluate how much time they have spent learning, writing, giving tests, and manage time accordingly so they can focus on the subjects they’re having more trouble with. With the coordinated conceptual understanding between our companies, SATSOM has managed to be Nepal’s largest e-learning platform. We are also very proud of our alumnus who are now IOM and MBBS toppers”, Mr.Suyog added.

On closing remarks, Mr.Suyog and Mr.Anil, the founders of these companies wanted to let the students and parents know that internet is not just for entertainment, it is the revolutionized way of learning and it’s the future of the education system. What took a lot of money and effort can be now done cheaply and at your own time with the help of institutions like SATSOM and NayaKitab.


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