Post COVID reality for NAMI

Covid-19 has sure affected the whole world, from business to education sector to our day to day lives in general. But as humans, we together have adapted to this new lifestyle of precaution and normality. We here at NAMI are doing the same process with our academics.
Even though no virus can change the knowledge of our existing world and the education we wish to gain, the process of getting the education though might be altered. With the introduction of internet learning and online classes the perspective of learning institutions has changed in the eyes of thousands of people and NAMI is changing along with them with the alteration in teaching procedures to maintenance.

The health of an individual should always come first before anything. This was the case before and after COVID-19 and it always will be. NAMI has updated its policy to making the health of a teacher or a student its main priority even before the education of a pupil. Note that this does not mean we have stepped our game down from tutoring; we will always focus on a student’s academics just as much as we will focus on their wellbeing.

Even with so much going on in the world right now, the courses we provide have not changed in the slightest but only gotten better. We have redefined our guidelines and code of conduct considering the benefit and the betterment of all the staffs and pupil combined. After all the effort we have put in, we can proudly say NAMI is the best college for your academic excellence in this post Covid world.

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