The Covid Fate of Education; what’s next for educational institutions?

Staw Dahal- Covid-19 really did a number on everything related to human lifestyle. Everything changed from meeting people to going out to parties to our normal sleeping schedule. But one of the most important factors of human lives that changed the most was the education system of the entire world. To discuss more about the situation of educational institutions in Nepal in this post COVID scenario, an interview was conducted with the C.E.O of NAMI college; Mr. Pawan Pokharel hosted by Ms. Lydia Lama on the show SajhaSIkshya which focuses on the educational trend of Nepal in post COVID.
Colleges and educational institutes are beginning to open physical classes but is it safe to do so?  Mr.Pawan insisted that even though covid-19 is serious infection which cannot be taken lightly we cannot push the future of students over the edge just because of it. by taking into account and implementing the post-COVID precautionary measures, educational institutes should gradually start running physical classes. Understanding the fact that not all colleges are capable of running regular classes yet, they need to star improving their capacity of maintenance and low risk management for conducting classroom learning and for those colleges who are capable of it should keep maintaining the safety regards. Covid-19 might just be an example of something that might be yet to come so we need to prepare for the worst-case scenario in situations like these using precautions like social distancing, change in class patterns and enhanced online classes. Helping each other through tough times like these is necessary for education sector.
Colleges have changed the ways around their premises, what might the main focus of colleges in this post-COVID reality? Mr. Pawan expressed himself with not wanting any institute to be an infection hub for covid-19. Heath prioritization should be the institute’s number 1 priority. Side by side, online education has swooped the world from it being used from playgroups to post-graduation students. So, focusing on them parallelly with physical classes is just as important. When asked about what colleges should do to prevent the spreading of the virus from college premise, Mr.Pawan offered a simple but a working procedure. Colleges should consider all hygienic factors from sanitations using handwash to social and physical distancing of students to sanitation of classrooms too on a daily basis. Negligence Is not an option in this matter.
With adapted time, teaching techniques have also changed. When asked to put his thoughts on this subject matter, Pawan Pokhrel pointed out the irony of college’s policy of not letting students carry their mobile phones to their classroom but now using the same device for their further education. So, colleges should become more technologically oriented even if the field of subject is not. E-learning has become the new wave of education system where the dimension of teaching and learning has changed drastically and we should adapt to the latest advancement in the field for better results of academic excellence.
With all the precautions and risks colleges will have to take in post COVID, why should we consider NAMI a suitable college? Pawan sir pointed out the facts by letting us know that NAMI is an institute located far away from the city pollution where hygiene maintenance is taken just as seriously as the education of a student. The college premise of NAMI has a large area with ventilated and spacious classrooms with implementation of social distancing among students and teachers respectively. Thus, providing a safe and secure environment for students and guardians as well. Career-wise, NAMI provides an international bachelors degree on a number of different programs.

“We have also partnered with reputed organizations like SATSOM who are providing a platform for the preparations for your courses with analytical evaluation of your performance almost instantly. Students being known of their academic performance more thoroughly so they can specifically work out on the sector they’re rather weak in is a huge help to their self-assessment. This new form of self-evaluation is an international practice which is rarely seen being used among other colleges. We have technology backing us up in context to physical classes very strongly. That’s why NAMI is the best college for post-COVID in 2021”

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