How college will start post covid?

Staw Dahal – Covid-19 resulted in an adverse effect to the education system of the entire world. With educational institutes still hesitating to open up their organization, there are a lot of things that need to be considered before making the risk of conducting regular classes in college premises. Even though Covid has started coming with various variants, we cannot risk the future of student’s lives and push it over the edge. Colleges will have to begin opening their premises by gradually maintaining low-risk management code of conducts.

With introduction to change in class patterns, precautions for social distancing and enhanced online classes alongside physical classes, if colleges follow the pattern of it, we can successfully run regular classroom classes even in an outbreak scenario like this. Each college should keep health prioritizations in their main focus and should not be neglected overtime either. Colleges will also continue to provide materials for hygiene affiliated factors so that students and colleges both play their own part in sustaining the virus from being an epicenter for the college premise.

Maybe regularly conducting physical classes is not the way to go in the beginning phase of college running every day. Colleges should regularly evaluate the health inspection of students and proceed to make changes in runtime and class routines accordingly in reference to the results of the evaluation.

Taking an example of a college, NAMI seems to be planning on applying precise post-Covid implementations that will ensure a safe and secure environment for all the students and teachers. With this college being favorable in this post-Covid world as it is located in an area far from the city pollution, NAMI has the best going for itself with technology and physical classes backing them up. NAMI also has enough ground coverage for ventilation and spacious classroom engagement for teaching in an un-interrupting manner.


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