Kavre’s new medical haven: Bhomi Hospital

kthmandu – On the recent rise of Covid-19, medical institutes have suffered and gained a lot. With dedicated health workers working on the line around the clock for the service of the infected, people have gained the trust of professionals yet again, but at what cost? What is the point of believing in medical resources if you’re afraid of going to the hospital in the fear of the virus? 

Bhomi Hospital is a newly established community medical institution located in Banepa which breaks the same barriers people are afraid to cross. this hospital was established in the region of Banepa so that the people of that particular place, Panauti, Dhulikhel etc will not have to reach Kathmandu for international medical assistance as the institute provides high quality services the hospitals from Kathmandu provide, at a reasonable and affordable price. Bhomi hospital might be a private institution but their services cross the sentiment of any governmental hospital that exists. With State-of-the-art medical appliances and globally acclaimed medically professional staffs, Bhomi is able to assure every person who steps in the hospital a top-notch medical treatment and hospitality. Bhomi is statistically the best life-saving hospital on the BP Highway with more than 6 ventilators, 2nd generation of highly trained professionals of medical education and hands on the latest technology of medical science in operation theaters and basic level treatment. 

What makes Bhomi so different than the rest is the fact that the doctors and the staffs know their limitations. The most common reason of life accidents occurring on your traditional hospital is due to the pride of doctors of their medical experience. In the thirst of making an operation successful, some driven doctors seem to forget that they’re playing with a human life here and not a lab rat. Bhomi recognizes that more than anyone. With helicopter services at the prime time of emergency, if a case is out of our hands, they immediately give referral to the higher quality medical hospital with helicopter assistance to skip the risk of traffic engagement. time is a valuable thing in emergency situations and Bhomi tries it’s best to make the most of it. 

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