Nursing in Nepal -with SatSom

Kathmandu – The entrance examination for Nursing license is right on the corner with only a couple hundred seats available. If you academically qualify in the examination you get to be a professional practitioner in the nursing field where you can put the knowledge your garnered from your nursing degree into exercise.

Preparing for the entrance examinations for Nursing License can be a tough call. Trying to study a complex course like this by yourself isn’t recommended either as you might lack some tutoring assistance in the examination field. To help you prepare for your Nursing license examination preparation, there is a website dedicated specifically for the focused subject; SATSOM. SATSOM is Nepal’s largest e-learning family with more than 7000+ students enrolled in the program. The company has specifically divided its segment for nursing students so peculiar attention can be given to the students who are learning with SATSOM.

SATSOM is different from the rest of the physical and online entrance examination preparation institutes and consultancies because of its dedication to make the students understand their course as much as their weaknesses. With SATSOM, one can know what you know and what you don’t with detailed analysis of your learning pattern and academic performance.

Mock tests for Nursing preparation examinations are currently being conducted in the SATSOM website with free registrations. This is the time to test your knowledge on the field and see how well you do and what you need to be better.

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