Patriarchy In our society

Patriarchy basically means men holding the primary power in all sorts of things, in such a way that it gives privilege to them to dominate females. It can be seen in personnel lives viz. family and in professionalism. Patriarchy has been evolving around in our society since the very beginning of mankind, it has slowly evolved but the practices and traditions are still the same as it was since many years ago.

Writer: Jiya Tamrakar

Men are treated as superior to females in all sorts of ways, are always prioritized and value over women. The patriarchal society treats women as a weal, inferior and dependent figure who needs support to survive. Why do women have such pre-judged notions? For instance, when the man in the family can stay up late for work at night, why aren’t women allowed to stay up late? When a child is born in the family, why is it only the mother’s duty to take good care and spend 24/7 with them? Why are women always said or expected to be dependent on men to survive? Is it that women are actually weak or are told so for decades to only make it a fact before testing the truth? Men are anticipated to be more strong; emotionally and physically, dominating, bread wiener, supporter, and protector of the family. Why is it believed that women are less than men?

In the context of Nepal, where the goddesses are worshipped, the women have been treated nothing like such. Women are only subjected to someone who takes care of family, stays within the four walls of the house doing chores, and bearing child. The slogans from the respected holy books ask for women to be respected on one hand whereas the same other hand says women ate nothing but property and aren’t meant for respect. here, the make figures are superior and more prioritized since the time of birth. The male kids are given more attention, love care with proper education and plan, whereas the female kids are treated inferior and are believed as someone else’s property since the plan only revolves around the marriage to the cis-male gender. Even with modernization, there is no equal pay in the working-class profession between men and women with men being paid more, even in the same position job, married women aren’t allowed to do the job and hinder the responsibility of housekeeping while the married men can do the job and not care about the housekeeping. Women aren’t allowed to make decisions and voice their opinion. The government in other hands instead of making laws, rules and regulation, that sets the toxic patriarchal society free instead, is binding the patriarchy belief to women.

In my opinion, the world is evolving every day, society is evolving, it will take time or equality to prevail among the deep-rooted traditional and blind patriarchal beliefs. Society is dependent on men, however, if we the female, voice our opinion and stand for our rights in the changes/beliefs and show everyone that women are equally deserving, hard-working, intelligent, and superior. I believe the patriarchal and the misogynistic society will soon be gender-equal and free from the male-dominated society.

Jiya Tamrakar
Tangal, Lalitpur
BBA 1st year, 1st semester
Kathmandu University School Of Management
Balkumari, Lalitpur

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