Life is a Ride: A Rollercoaster Ride

Life is but a roller coaster rides. You soar high at one point and at the next, you come crashing down. At the start, you are filled with fear; as the engine slowly starts, the fear amplifies. But a while later you are happy and enjoy the thrill of the ride. But as the speed goes up your heart races in fear, but also in joy.

Our life has a similar nature. The start of our youth is that point during the ride when the roller coaster moves as fast as the wind: when we’re happy and excited, but also really nervous. But as we grow, we realize life is more than a moment of fun or excitement. And thus, at the end, we are brought crashing down, and we might feel our head is spinning or we left our stomach behind. But then we have to be prepared for the next ride, higher than it was before. Because once we are aboard the ride, there’s no getting off unless it’s over.

Our youth is exciting but at the same time challenging. It can be scary, it can be exciting, it can be fun, and it can even be plain. But there are ups and downs. There are always ups and downs. We don’t always end up high up in the air. Sometimes, we fall down, fail and make mistakes. But it depends on us whether to give up and leave the ride or to prepare for the upcoming higher rise. We have our insecurities, we have our own troubles and problems, our shortcomings. But it entirely depends on us how we deal with it to make things work. This is but a process of learning to be an adult.

Our world today is searching for productive human resources and youth belongs to a larger portion of that. In whatever fields it may be, each requires a young creative mind, a strong healthy body to cope with new problems and give solutions to them. If the roller coaster is our life, it is up to us what we build it with. If we are to be strong and sustaining, we shouldn’t slack off. We must prepare the coaster with the strongest mettle at our disposal.

Shreneeca Shrestha

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