The Role of Youth in National Development

Sagar shah– A nation’s assets and hope are its youth. The youth of a country determines its future. They have the potential to contribute significantly to a country’s growth, uplift, and development. As the modern world becomes more fast-paced, dynamic, and complicated, the role of youth has become more significant.

The introduction of computers and modem technology revolutionized the field of information. By attending to the ills and shortcomings in various sectors, modern educated youth will contribute to national growth. They will help the less educated to overcome their ignorance, illiteracy, and superstition by providing them with accurate information. Crop yields can be increased using new scientific techniques. Small-scale manufacturing can help to solve the issue of unemployment or underemployment. They should instruct rural youth about how to obtain low-cost raw materials and how to dispose of finished goods profitably.

Also, by practicing family planning and setting an example for others, the youth will contribute to population control. They have the potential to help India become a great democratic, progressive, and productive country with old cultural values and a new science outlook.

For instance, we can take the incident seen in the past can make us believe that youth plays an amendable role in nation development. In 2072, where all Nepalese were in the mouth of life to death scenario caused by the massive earthquake. At that time, Nepal government could not send its force to rescue people and utilize its power very well but all the clubs of youth came down to road to rescue the victims. Adherence to this fact provides that in the time of difficulties if youth realize their role then nation can be developed prosperously.

Last but not the least, they will play an important role in changing society’s moral structure by curbing the vices of selfishness and greed and reinforcing the spirit of self-sacrifice, sympathy, and mutual trust.

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