Music: the voice of soul

Archeesa AryalBob Marley once said, “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you don’t feel pain” and I couldn’t agree more. Music has always been the greatest healer. It is the most secure way to escape the reality we live in. The blissfulness of the words mixed with fine tune of instruments and emotions creates the melodious sound that straight away goes to our heart and heals soul.
Music is the voice of soul. It speaks something that our mind has captivated and our heart has not spoken yet. This form of art has been healing thousands of soul from the very beginning of mankind. The spread of music is well known in history. According to historians, in the Paleolithic era a painting on a Greek vase portrays a music lesson. This shows how music has always created an impact. But the music today is different. Back in time music mostly was performing art in front of live audience whereas today it is many forms; recorded and listened in radio and other devices, in orchestra or opera and in live concerts and even music shows that gives a platform for people to show their talent. Our country recently organized a reality show, The Voice of Nepal, which showcased the talent of many Nepalese in same field. The show actually united people from all three regions of the country and allowed to share a same platform. That is the beauty of music I was talking about.
With time the presentation of this piece of art has been changed but it still holds the value of a strong enchantment. Even one of the greatest people to be born on this earth, Albert Einstein said, “I see my life in terms of music.” The brains having the highest thinking power, the hands having the greatest strength, everyone leans towards music. This is the beauty of music. It unites the miscellaneous minds. After a busy monotonous day who wouldn’t want to come home, sit in their comfy clothes and turn on their favorite song or a good music reality show. The Voice of Nepal has also been a powerful impact for giving a break from the busy schedule of thousands of Nepalese and provide a music show to enjoy and relax. The impact of music in a person’s life is considerably above average. I wouldn’t say music can change a life overnight but I also can’t deny the fact that it has helped thousands of minds through sleepless nights.
Good music in fact clears up dispute and is magical. We cannot underestimate the therapeutic power of listening to our favorite sound. Even the chirpy sound of bird in the morning is delightful, then how beautiful would it be listening to words and fine melody blended together to form an alluring piece of art. Whenever we feel like the world is slowly swallowing us up, let’s turn up the volume, close our eyes and let music take over our soul.

 -Archeesa Aryal

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