How women can relieve stress and stay healthy ?

Brigid Shrestha
Brigid Shrestha

Stress ruins mental and physical health more or less. A stressful life breaks our efficiency and crops up malaise and illness. The libido wanes in a female body when she over schedules and is not able to manage stress in a proper way. The modern women is layered with much more complexity and life struggles more than ever very intimately. So it’s important for a modern woman to take care of her mental health. It crushes ability, capacity, and potential for our best performance in the workplace. A heavy mind can be reflected in your actions and attitude. Navigation from stress for a woman can be challenging and difficult since the intimate connectivity of soft and hardcore emotions and impregnated femininity exists in her mind and heart.

Choosing healthy and positive lifestyle choices is herein required.

Communication and soft support
Your intimate environment should be surrounded by soft and strong people who can assist you, push you, build you and love you all way purely. Weave your surroundings with chosen people who are full of grace and wisdom. Learn from them and with your people. Have intentions to knit pure relations and work on them to earn respect, care, and love and conditioning at your bad times.

Communicate and pour ‘emotions wardrobe’ to them. Consult and take advice from the people you trust and who can guide for better in your life and wish to see you rise. Social network and interconnection should not be shallow.

Sleep and Exercise.
Working out in the early morning is a good way to revitalise your body and nourish your stressed body internally. Sleeping too is necessary for a good functioning and conditioned mind. Inhale the fresh air and breathe positivity in morning aroma. Sweat and let the toxicity vapour out of your body, making you feel relieved and rejuvenated. A power nap is all that you need to renew your body and mind.

Balance and Equilibrium.
Stay away from consuming roles. Learn to plan and prioritize. Don’t overschedule your work which would make way for stress and strain. It will just squeeze you out and drain all your energy, leaving you panted and fainted, mentally tired and stressed at last. Manage your workload and balance it in a good way. Learn to say no. Love yourself. Just pair it down and build relaxation time in your schedule.

Journalism and Pamper yourself.
Take a spa and relax once in a week, give all your time to yourself. Look after yourself, love your body and take care of it. It will make you feel much lighter. You can go for an early walk in the morning breeze or evening walk by the seashore as the sea moans and the cool breeze kisses you;it will soothe you.

Nature is a great healer; learn the aroma magic and jazz of pampering yourself through nature.

You can write your emotions in a secret journal too. It’s a great stress buster.

It’s just so beautiful and amazing to have a good and satisfied sex life. Lazy sheets, fogged breath, intertwined body and love in the room with someone whom you love, passion and lust in all good ways, eats all your stress cake at once. It’s a simple yet effective way!


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