Important Mental Health Tips You Should Try Right Now!!

Brigid Shrestha
Brigid Shrestha

Practicing meditation on a daily basis can be stressful since we all are surrounded with stacks of work and constant distraction. In today’s fast-changing world, keeping yourself calm and happy is as hard as following a pre-fixed timetable. Even if you’re a scheduled person, anxiety or depression is literally at your fingertips as social media apps drive most of our time.

At times, it sounds difficult to navigate ourselves from stress or relationship issues as family, job and community are an integral part of our daily life. However, we humans have a tendency to enact real change by transforming the way we think, behave and deal with our surroundings. So, here are some important mental health tips for you all that are easy and effective:

1.Study Your Own Thoughts By Writing Them Down
Renouncing your thoughts with the help of a paper is considered awesome for a reason, it simply calms down your frustration or stress and helps you to understand your want precisely. Try to invest 5-10 minutes of your daytime to practice this simple trick and write down your ideas, feelings and problems. This will help you to track — how frequently your mood changes or how you behave in situations.

2.Keep ‘Your People’ List Always Updated
Knowing a few names that are going to be with you, stand for you in any situation offers a great sense of not being alone. Having a list of people that you know you can call, text or email anytime is better subsidiary at times when you feel low. This particular list also needs to get updated with experiences and time as people change and changes are absolutely inevitable.

3.Practice Self-love More Often
The common problem that we all face in our lives — we give value to others and their opinions more than we value ourselves — that leads to low confidence, frustration and low self-esteem. It is equally important to make one routine for things that you are passionate about and do it on the daily or weekly basis. This will help you to not affect yourself from people who dislike you or your opinions.

4.Follow a Bedtime Ritual
It is really hard to stop all of your negative thoughts, fears and tensions all of a sudden and sleep well at night. Undoubtedly quality sleep is very crucial to embrace healthy mental health, but with anxious thoughts, you can not have one. A better way to deal with such thoughts at night is to write your problems down along with the best solution you’re having for the problem today. The solution simply reduces your stress and help you to sleep for the day.

Bottom Line
There are plenty of small but impactful ways that will improve your mental health and keep you happy every day. You can also try communicating with your own inner voice at the times when you found yourself stuck in conditional situations. Or you can stand out for your alcohol habit and try to cut it down time to time.







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