A Unique Characteristic – Fiction of the week 17

God asked Narad jee ‘why did you bring me here and what do I have to see, please tell me, Narad jee?’

Narad Jee, the Rishi, from the heaven smiled genteelly and replied ‘God father, I brought you to the earth to see the different creatures who share the earth as their common habitat’

Narad jee said further to make his statement more clear ‘God father, all the living things whom you are seeing are creatures of the earth. The earth is their common habitat. All the creatures of the earth have few characteristics which are similar. They all need food to survive. All of them breathe and have a life cycle. To go from one place to another they have motion too. But one creature has a quite different characteristic than others. That characteristic is not seen in the rest of the other creatures. God father, the creature whom I am talking about has one unique and interesting characteristic.’

Writer: Bishwaraj Adhikari

God asked Narad jee immediately ‘Name the creature which has a unique characteristic and also tell me about the uniqueness, Narad jee.’
Narad jee said ‘that creature is a human being.’

God asked again ‘what is the unique characteristic that human beings have. Why is that characteristic of the human being so completely different than other creatures, could you explain me please, Narad jee?

Narad jee bowed his body to pay his respect and said ‘almighty you know all the things; there is nothing which is not in your notice. But still, I am going to explain to you, humans have one unique characteristic than the rest of the other creatures and that is- all the creatures in the earth get unhappy when they are in trouble however humans get unhappy when they see someone else happy.

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