Western countries addressing the importance of Brahma Muhurta

No, we Nepalese didn’t invent airplane but at least our ancestors and culture have taught that 4 am is an ideal to wake up.

The sudden rise of the long lost article which claimed that most of the successful persons of the world wake up at 4am has created a discussion in social media. People often look for the key to success. When asked with some successful people of the world including the CEO of Apple to the CEO of Google to reveal their key to success, it seems, there has only been one key: waking up at 4am or around 4am. But J.K. Rowling came forward and trashed this idea with just three magical words- Oh, piss off.

Our holy books and traditions have always taught us the benefits of waking up and doing morning rituals early. But it’s a pity that westerners found this pearl of success so late. There is a high rise of depression and disturbance in mental health in the Western side of this world. Waking up early increases the secretion of serotonin hormone (also called a happy chemical as it contributes to wellbeing and happiness) and helps us fight with depression. Dear westerners, look at the eastern side of the world and everything will be sunnier.

According to Ayurveda, the ideal time to wake up is before 45 minutes of sunrise. This time is also called Brahma Muhurta. There is a great shift of energy during this time; at this time, the powers of the universe and the gravity of the Sun are said to be smooth and effective. The sages believe this is the best time to gain knowledge and to get a new way of life. But Ayurveda doesn’t encourage surfing social medias or phone as soon as you wake up. Ayurveda tells us to do meditations, prayers, and exercise instead.

Aryuveda has said that meditation is not connected with religion. Meditation is a symbol of neutralism. Apart from this, we can do prayers or chants. Mornings are actually supernatural and magical time and the creativity of the person who wakes up in the morning is more than other people. In the western countries, there has been a practice of waking up after the rays of the sun fall on the earth.

Here we are presenting the Natural Time Cycle. There are many conversations and studies happening in the world about natural clock, a few years ago, the Nobel Prize of Medical Sciences was given to the physician who studied the Natural Clock and Body Clock. They had investigated the effective time of food and medicine and time of human routine. Remember that our Aryuveda has already been able to describe everything thousands of years ago.

But, as it seems, the claim of the successful people can’t just be junked. They must have read a page or two from our Ayurveda, which tells us that there is a reason why newborns wake up and start crying at the crack of dawn, because all our bodies are attuned to that natural clock. But as we grow up we hinder this natural cycle and pass it to different situations of life: board exams, Netflix and chill, long phone calls etc.

The distance between human and nature is an open invitation to destruction; people must be closer to nature and remain calm. In present day, our abstract feelings are being sold through the medium of TV, radio. A civilized person is a person of patience and calmness who is focused on consciousness instead of abstract feeling.

Ayurveda tells us about three doshas, which are biological energies found in our body and mind; vata (space and air), pitta(fire and water) and kapha( water and earth). A day is divided into three doshas.

By the definition of Ayurveda, early morning which is 4 am to 5:30 am is dominated by vata. Vata governs our body moment, flexibility and mental health. Again waking up doesn’t mean going through our phone but doing some work or even meditate with our full focus.

The Kapha dosh starts from 6 am. Kapha represents heaviness. If we wake up after 6 am, we experience heaviness and laziness throughout the day.

The time between 10am to 2pm is Pitta dosh which is marked by productivity. There is no wonder why we feel productive in our workplace during the day. If people wake up early, they can be motivated and fresh at the time of dynamics and in each course of doshas.

The Persian writer and poet Kavi Rumi has said that people are in a universe at the very moment, in fact, we have the universe’s fragment and the fragrance. Let’s expand our knowledge through Vedas as they have already put forward the idea thousands of years ago before westerners.Let’s sleep early in the night and rise early in the morning. Life will change.

Written By Suyog Dhakal
Translated By Archeesa Aryal

For nepali virson : पश्चिमा देशले बुझ्दैछन्  ब्रह्ममुहूर्त



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