Practice Basic Meditation and Relieve Stress in Just 30 Minutes

Brigid Shrestha
Brigid Shrestha

Meditation is the whole secret to a beautiful mind. It helps to control your emotions and conquer mastery over it. Our mythology and traditional history unfolds  golden soil where it is carved beautifully on how to dispel allegory and black darkness of worldly affairs through meditation.

The plainness, simplicity, honesty, sobriety, accuracy,  all desirable ethically correct virtues can be righteously absorbed through meditation. Everyone is imprisoned through their own thoughts, attitude, and ways of living.Meditation helps you in liberalization of your soul.


Seeking escape from bondage of mind is more satisfying than food, strength and

security.Longing for freedom ,that our civilization is unaware of is ‘freedom of mind’.The inner joy is complete and absolute when the mind is content. The Content of mind can be realized only through practicing meditation. It holds  our mind to have good mood, decision making, behavior, and way to better living.


Meditation techniques

1.Get up early  in morning .

Leave your lazy sheets and bath in the early sunshine, feel its sunrays, cool breeze, and peace of nature. After freshening up, select a proper to outbreathe your eternal spirit.


Asana is most important part of meditation, maintain erect, well posture, flexed hands, face up, eyes closed, chest out in proper position. The position should be upright and correct.


Inhale love in the fresh air slowly and make it rhythmical. Feel the vibrations  and kiss of peace in your flesh and blood,soul.Slowly have pause in regular intervals while practicing .The regular breathing practice  will put your body in the most harmony and transcendental conditions .

4.Move Godward.

This is known as spiritual growth and awakening . Something deep within liberates you and you transform,discover your purpose, truth, and your atmaa. You are filled with light, warmth and joy, peace as you turn lovingly to him.


The power of concentration is undeniable. Grow in spirit of beauty and love of one thing and converge all your attention  to chase it,realize it, and feel it deeply. For this firstly, you need understand your personal goal.

6.Self Inquiry and Liberation .

Ask yourself the truth of you and shed your veils of ties, break it and seize it.Breath freedom and realize liberation.

7.Set a time period and practice regularly.

Keep yourself grounded and trained. The naked truth lies in the realization of its realm of grace in your personality. You cant realize its benefit in one day, you have to stick to it and improve it for a more better style which will help you to realize life and its connotations.



Meditation is a treat.

It converges and proliferates peace, solace, calmness, and solace, patience, tolerance which has power to inspire, pacify and lift the mind into heights of pure bliss and holy beauty. It can be practiced with dedication and commitment. Let the tranquility pour and trace eternity .

Take the meditation challenge and feel the difference in your vibes.


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