Ideas to help your toddler’s development

Brigid Shrestha

Hello parents!!! Today I am going to discuss your toddler‘s development. Your baby’s first few years of life are very important, as in these years his mind opens, his body becomes stronger as well he learns to understand the world and try to take place in it. Your baby’s development phase is the age of 1-4 years. In this duration, he learns new thing and it is important that he is exposed to so many activities which are helpful for mind and body development.

So, let me share some idea that is helpful for your toddler’s development.

Puzzles are great and interested game for toddlers because they cover all the basics skills. You can teach them physical skills like join the pieces of the block and make some design. Emotional skills like how to be patient in some situation and cognitive skills like actually solving the puzzle like the numeric puzzle. Puzzles will help to improve their memory. Also, teach him about different geometric shapes and give them some task.

Language and hearing:
You have to try to read your kid that what he wants to say and what he wants to do. Don’t wait for the perfect time that they will speak out and then you will hear. From the first day of born, try to hear them from their eyes and expression. You have to understand their language from their sign like point out on one object. Ask them where is the mom and where is the dad. In this way try to talk to them. So, they will able to understand what you want to say and will react.

Remove the different object:
You can teach them some activities which are helpful for them to learn new things every day and with this their mental development can be better. Place some block of the same color and with this put one block with the different color. Then teach them the color of the block and tell to remove the block with the different color. It will help to improve their reorganization and memory power.

Hide – and- seek:
Teach your toddler to problem-solving skills by hiding problem from them and teach them how to find the object or how to solve the problem. For example, give them some trash to put in the dustbin. They don’t know where dustbin is and then tell them in which place dustbin and ask them to throw out the trash. Give some another task them like to pick up any toys and ask them to identify the color.

Find out object:
Send your kid to hunt some objects. Tell your toddler that,” where is the pen?”.”find me something red”, etc. or you could ask some question like,” which is blue in color?”Which thing is longer or shorter?”

Let toddlers play alongside your work :
Children like to learn the new thing by participating and by seeing what others are doing. You have to take them with you when you are working and ask them also participating with you. Suppose you are working in the garden. So give some spade to dig his own hole and ask them to stick the seed in this hole.

These all above ideas are helpful to you for your little cute toddler development. Hope this article will help you.


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