Christmas Day

 Happy Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!

Today, on December 25, followers and believers of Christianity all over the world celebrate Christmas day with faith and grace. It is a public holiday on Christmas in most of the countries around the world. In the foreign countries, the cold in this freezing winter must be at peak right now. As we celebrate Christmas in winter, snow and cold, most of its aspects are related to snow. Let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion with a Christmas song that goes as follows:

It’s bubbling, it’s bubbling,
It’s bubbling in my soul.
There’s singing, and laughing,
Since Jesus made me whole.
Folks don’t understand it,
Nor can I keep it quiet
It’s bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, bubbling,
Bubbling, day and night.

It is known to all that people celebrate the birth day of their gods, leaders or respected ones with a huge celebration and enthusiasm; be it Lord Krishna or Buddha or Guru Nanak or Paigambar Mohammad. However, today is the birthday of Jesus Christ, a messenger in Christianity.

According to ancient European documents, before the birth of Christ, people used to celebrate this time of the year as the time of festival and lights. With time, people started celebrating this day as Christmas. In the Anno Domini (A.D.) calendar, December 25 is marked as Christmas while it is celebrated on December 24 in some of the countries. The Christian era is divided into two parts: Before Christ Era (B.C.E) and Anno Domini (A.D.). On this sacred day, people exchange gifts, decorate Christmas tree and houses and celebrate Christmas in churches worldwide. For people having a forest nearby, the male members of the family bring woods from the forest and celebrate Christmas with a bonfire,

We have often read X for X-mas tree in the alphabet books in our childhood, The decorated Christmas tree resembles ‘Dhoopi’ tree in terms of appearance. 3-4 million trees are sold on Christmas in The United States of America alone. Keep it noted, these trees take a minimum of 15 years to grow. The use of animal meats during festival is quite common and people celebrate Christmas in a similar manner. Many books put forward the idea that since people find it hard to graze animals and collect food for them, they reduce their number at this time of the winter.

The major attraction of Christmas is Santa Clause. All the people worship the jolly, white bearded, healthy and happy saint. Santa is believed to be sharing gifts and happiness to people. Children stay late awake waiting for Santa tonight. Some people dress like Santa and roam around distributing gifts and chocolates. The ‘Snow Man’ made out of snow with carrot nose, a red muffler and a black hat is popular in the western countries. Besides these, people also make birds out of snow and enjoy playing the snow while dancing around with happiness.

Festival is a joy which should be taken with faith, culture, happiness and camaraderie of life else than just religion. There are many Christians in Nepal also. May this Christmas be an amazing one, merry Christmas!

Written by- Suyog Dhakal

Translated by- Brigid Shrestha

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