An ideal way to celebrate birthday

Every person on this earth has a birth date. The first time a person came to this earth is his birth date and that particular time is birth time. During the day of our birth, we celebrate an annual occasion called birthday. Generally, the beginning of life of a person is from the fetal stage before birth, but the life cycle starts from the day of birth so birth date is considered as the beginning of birth.

In general, many people may not be unanimous about their birth date but it is important to know the day of birth. Age can be estimated based on birth date. So it’s important to know your birthday. Even while buying an ox, people estimate the age of ssthe ox and they adjust the price according to its age. Likewise age is also considered to determine if a tree has delicate wood or stronger wood. If age plays such an important factor for creature like trees and ox then how important would it be for human. People live on the basis of age. So it’s important to know your birthday.

It has been a tradition to celebrate birthday in accordance with Nepali or English calendar but it is always better to celebrate birthday according to Tithi (date). According to astrology, celebrating birthdays on Tithi instead of other days results in goodness of the person. Due to the high positivity of planets that day, a skilled child is born. On this date, there is a unique connection of Nakshatra (term used for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology) with planets. This is why birthdays are preferred to be celebrated according to tithi.

Today, birthday means cutting cake, sharing good wishes with family and friends, partying, and recieving gifts but this assumption is wrong. If possible, before starting celebration, we need to light up a diyo batti (an oil lamp made with mud where light is made of cotton and dipped into oil) dipped in mustard oil and make sure that the lamp lights up well throughout the celebration. If there is no such arrangement, we can always replace lamp by candles but the candles should also light throughout the occasion. Cutting cake on birthday is not considered bad, but the tradition of blowing out candles while cutting cake is considered to be inauspicious.

The blessings of elders hold great importance in a person’s life. It would be great if we considered taking the blessings of elders in our birthday. The person receives harmony, love and guidance of the elder people. This act adds the motivation and morality of the person. Additionally, if children are set up with such habit, they can develop the culture that they should honor and respect their elders.

We can distribute food and fruits to old age homes, orphanage, needy and starving people by the means of someone or by own. Our classical belief mentions feeding hungry people to be the greatest virtue. The distribution of food provides satisfaction to the hungry person which in return provides satisfaction to the person distributing those things.

While celebrating the birthday of children, parents need to ask their child to set up determination to do something better next year. Because children will develop a mentality that the goals set up on such important days like birthdays must be fulfilled. Due to which child continues to stay inspired for doing that work. This makes them able to determine and fulfill the needs of the occupation they are engaged with later in their life. Such children will have high performance. Let children speak something in front of the mass during their birthday celebration.

For birthday celebration, singing birthday songs and cutting cakes is not enough. The practice of reciting hymns bestowed for celebrating birthdays according to Vedic tradition is an ideal way of celebrating birthday. By doing so, the habit of adopting culture develops in children. In addition, reciting such traditional hymns by Brahmins brings overall peace in the house and brings privilege to communicate with the divine power.

Perform these tasks on your birthday
• The person whose birthday is to be celebrated must wake up early in the morning and take a bath.
• After performing the regular morning rituals, visit temples, devalaya or dev archan and perform inauguration through oil lamps, kalas puja, hawan and put tika to children.
• Donation is better than receiving gifts. Thus, the tradition of donation should be done according to our capacity. For this, donors can donate clothes, pens, etc which may be required for orphan or unprivileged children etc. This act serves society and provides pleasure in the heart of a child who celebrates birthday.
• Planting one or more tree on the World Tree Plantation Day and taking a resolution to take care of that tree throughout its lifetime
• Receiving blessings and offering greetings to seniors and serving them.
• In a year from now, incorporate habits such as service, truth, sweet talk, kindness patience, decency, code and conduct in your life and make a resolution to give continuity to such habits.
• Cutting cake while celebrating birthday has become a tradition but blowing out candles is not considered that good.
• Righteous food is preferred in birthdays.

Translated By Archeesa Aryal

For nepali virson : जन्मदिन यसरी मनाउँदा उत्तम

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