Huge respect to all past leaders for saving the sovereignty of Nepal – tribute from a youth

Huge respect to all past leaders for saving the sovereignty of Nepal – tribute from a youth

Mahesh pathak- I have grown up listening to the criticisms of political leaders.
I personally have witnessed Maoist insurgency as a child of a small village. I’ve witnessed fall of Monarchy and rise of republic as a teen. I’ve closely watched first 10 years of republic and constitution drafting process, failure of first constitutional assembly, so many turbulence that Nepal and Nepali politics faced in between very closely as a politically aware youth. I’ve been in the fore-front of building alternative political force in Nepal for recent 6 years. I felt that I have seen so much in my early life.

But, what I feel in these recent 3 years, is whatever I had seen was only 10% of what actually was happening. I’ve realized that I was mostly driven by the propaganda games of different forces affecting national politics, as every commoner and youths of Nepal.

When I stopped to get satisfied with what I’m shown and started to dig into what’s hidden behind the scene, I’ve lost most of my complaints towards the leaders till date. I’ve have stopped to build quick conclusion and have started to study every political happenings from multiple dimensions.

Deep down my heart, huge respect has developed to all past leaders of Nepal for protecting the sovereignty of Nepal in all such difficult situations. From my heart, I can proudly say that, though Nepal has gone through several political upheavals, all the national leaders have been true patriot and have done their best to protect sovereignty of Nepal. Power hunger is the basic characteristic of any politician, though my past leaders have never let the nation down in term of national sovereignty, and have sacrificed their power and position to save the sovereignty. I’ve huge respect to all leaders, from BP Koirala, King Mahendra, King Birendra, all PMs of Panchayat, Prachanda, King Gyanendra to KP Sharma Oli equally. All of them have been highly criticized, but, the fact is I carry the Passport of sovereign nation, Nepal, today, due to the patriotism of all these leaders.

Everybody claims to do good, but, these leaders have proved their patriotism when they were in power.

I’ve stopped wasting my energy on their criticism. Rather, I’ve started to study them, their tenure, their decisions, where and how they succeeded and where and how they failed. Moreover, their failures have become my favorite subjects of study.

Nepal has been the playground of World Powers and regional powers immediately after the fall of British Colonial Empire. Whatever political revolutions and activities have happened in Nepal since then are mostly the result of geo-politics. We’ve fought with each other getting the backings from foreign powers to quench our political hunger of power.

Poet Bhupi Sherchan has so clearly presented our political culture till date in this poem:

हामी आफूखुसी कहिल्यै मिल्न नसक्ने

कसैले मिलाइदिनुपर्ने,

हामी आफूखुसी कहिल्यै छुट्टीन नसक्ने

कसैले छुट्याइदिनुपर्ने,

…पुरानो क्यारमबोर्डका गोटी हौँ

एउटा मनोरन्जक खेलको सामग्री,

एउटा खेलाडीमाथी आश्रीत,

आफ्नो गति हराएका

एउटा स्ट्राइकरद्वारा संचालित

हो, हामी मानिस कम र बर्ता गोटी हौँ।

– Extract of the poem ‘Haami‘ written by Bhupi Sherchan

By now, we should have understood that such political culture is never going to take our nation ahead. We’ve got several diplomatic punches right on our nose. As a politically aware youth, I find no time to criticize the leaders of past and present and just feel the urgency of learning from their mistakes and moving ahead with corrections.

In my political journey of 6 years, I’ve realized that unless every new aspiring youth leaders studies the inside-outs of our political history of recent 70 years, develops respect to past leaders for protecting our national sovereignty, but stops worshiping them as god, starts learning from their mistakes, and moves ahead with corrections, we are going nowhere.

We youths have no time in wasting our energy in stupid internal politics of party. We’ve to invest our time more in study, research, and solution oriented discussions. We should first be able to tell ourselves, ‘Yes, I’m my leader for my beloved nation, Nepal. And, I will find the way out to make Nepal strong, developed and prosperous nation in my lifetime at any cost.’

‘माटोले माग्दैन, आफैंले दिनु पर्छ।’

Nepal has survived till date due to unparalleled patriotism of our past leaders. Now, its our duty, as 21st century youth leaders of Nepal, to turn it to strong and prosperous nation.
This will be the true tribute to our ancestors, martyrs and all patriots because of whom we hold the identity of ‘Nepali citizen’ today!

We can! We must!! And, we will!!!

Long live Nepal and Nepali!

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