Flashback 2018

While we bid goodbye to 2018, it’s time that we welcome 2019. Each year has lessons to teach; a few accounts of ‘give and take’ that is either commenced or closed, isn’t it?

Let’s look back at the year 2018 through Livemandu, shall we?

An issue took over all our mouths in January. January was filled with news of South Korea’s leader Kim Jon Un’s warning to his enemies regarding having a nuclear button under his table and American President Trump’s similar remarks. These two topics got quite famous in January.

While in February, Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea hosted Winter Games. One of the unbelievable events included the friendship of South Korea and America. The endless arguments between these two countries made the friendship seem unbelievable. This has been one of the biggest achievements for world peace.

It was the month of February when Cuba’s 6 decades long governance of Castro ended. It was shocking for the world to witness a tough leader like Castro giving up on governance.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Putin got elected as a President for the fourth time on 18th of March.

On 15th of May, after a long time, citizens of Iraq got to exercise their voting rights. After Islamic State got defeated, state and parliamentary election was conducted in 2017.

On May 19, the marriage of Prince Harry and his lover Meghan Markle left the world awestruck.

On 15th of July, Russia hosted the finals of world cup football tournament. The finals started on 14th and ended on 15th. This time, France took home the trophy.

However, Nepal faced remarkable fluctuations in various social and political events. From alleged corruption while purchasing wide-body airplanes to the brutal rape and murder case of Nirmala Pant in Kailali, the events on July shook the whole country.

The inability to find the culprits of Nirmala rape and murder case has put citizen’s faith and trust over the government on stake.

The vote craze for Shrinkhala Khatiwada on the international beauty pageant and the performance of other Nepali girls on similar contests worldwide attracted many people as well.

Similarly, Mahesh Maharjan made us all proud when he brought home the gold medal from World Body Building Championship. The issue that caught the attention of most people included the incident where previous national song was played while addressing his victory.

One of the party meetings of Nepali Congress had put forward the agenda of establishing Nepal as a Hindu country. Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli occupied nation wide media this year too. From his expressions to his orders followed by his promising participation in a Christian event had the government and the two third majority in many controversies and accuses.

In terms of development, this year led to the reconstruction of Dharahara and access to roads in many rural areas of Nepal. The incomplete Melamchi water project dream of Late Krishna Prasad Bhattarai could not get a firm structure this year either. The reviews and remarks on how the contractors fled away and how Melamchi drinking water project got more far got everyone concerned.

A new milestone in the history of Nepali musical reality shows was set by The Voice Of Nepal this year. Another musical show, Nepal Idol successfully completed its second season too. C.D. Vijay Adhikari won The Voice of Nepal while Ravi Odh won Nepal Idol season 2.

In the worldwide context, Common Wealth Game was organized in Australia in April. 257 people lost their lives in an airplane crash in Algeria. From 1953, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea didn’t have any friendly meets on demilitarized zone but this year they had a friendly meeting. The friendly meet between North Korean leader Kim Jon Won and South Korean President is one of the golden achievements of this year. Britain and France rapidly attacked Syria with bombs in April. This year also could not bring peace to Syria, Libia, Afghanistan  and Iraq.

This year, in April, Black Panther, a foreign film got permission to be released in the film halls of Saudi Arabia. But, later on, when journalist Khagoshi was killed and the Saudi Arab’s government and royal family were accused of the murder, it questioned the openness of Saudi Arab.

The women in Saudi Arab were allowed to drive vehicles from 24th of June this year.

On July, debates on data leakage between American government and Facebook caught the attention of many people. This led to the decrease in Facebook share by 20%/. Mark Juckerberg himself went to senate with justifications this year.

On August 7, the United Nations declared blockade in Iran again. Asian games was hosted in Indonesia from September 2 but Nepal did not have an impressive performance this time.

On September 6, Indian court decriminalized the same sex relationships.

On October 23, Chinese President inaugurated the world’s largest sea bridge names Hong Kong Juhai Makau Bridge in Hong Kong.

The tsunami that occurred in Indonesia on the end of this year, December 22, saddened everyone. The catastrophe that took thousands of lives in Indonesia has traumatized everyone.

Meanwhile, the press release by department of foreign affairs regarding the tsunami in Indonesia is still popular in Nepal.

Nepal lost a beloved artist Buddhi Krishna Lamichhane this year. Nepal Idol’s winner Ravi Odh lost his mother in an accident and hundreds of lives were lost during road accidents in Nepal.

The world lost a reputed and world famous cartoonist as well as the creator of famous superheroes Stan Lee this year.

The world lost the former American President George W. Bush this year.

The demise of world famous scientist Stephen Hawking’s death got many condolences this year. With the mysterious demise of Indian actress Shree Devi and death of Nepali Former Prime Minister Tulasi Giri, the Former Chief of United Nations, Kofi Annan passed away this year.

With many ups and downs this year, a beautiful goodbye to 2018 and a happy new year 2019.

Written by- Suyog Dhakal

Translated by- Brigid Shrestha





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