Nepalese Youths Attracted towards Entrepreneurship

There were more than 100+ startups, app developers and tech communities of Nepal participating in the event promoting their products and services. More than 5000 enthusiastic youths visited the exhibition.Sangam Singh, who returned to Nepal after studying engineering in India, wanted to open online shopping company but after studying the market, he found that the products that were ordered online was difficult to send to the doorsteps of costumers and also difficulty in cash on delivery system. After observing for a while, he gave up on his plan to open e-commerce Company and he set up Nep-Express that provided cash on delivery service to those companies that were already established in the market.

Satosh Pandey and his friend made plans to start a business of sending goods and gifts to the family members that were sent by Nepalese staying abroad. But before starting the business, while studying about the various aspects they found that the area of ‘surprise industry’ has become very big in the world. Its range is gradually becoming even more wide spread. And they ended up opening a company different than they had initially thought called ‘Offering Happiness’.

Recently, Dipesh Khetan and his friends opened a digital advertising company called ‘Edmenol’that works with digital advertiser and publishers. This company enables advertiser to pay only the money according to the result of the advertisement.Arsalan Akhtar was fond of writing. He came up with an idea of starting business related to leather goods (bags, bean bag, lap table etc). Then he started a company ‘Today’s Telegram’ that manufactured those products and wrote good messages in each of those. Today, the product he produces is highly appreciated in market.

On Saturday, January5, more than 100 new companies including Nep- Express, Offering Happiness, Edmenol, and Today’s Telegram performed exhibition about their products and the services they provide. This startup meet (GBG BizFest 2019) was held in Galaxy Public School. A group of technologists ‘Google Business Group’ organized this fest in collaboration with ‘Khalti Digital Wallet.’

Barsha Dulal, who finished her CA study in India and returned to Nepal, was also found attending the exhibition. She was curious to know what kind of startups Nepali youths are engaged in and what benefits the society has with their products and service. After visiting the entrepreneurs’ stalls and observing their production, she was excited by the work of Nepalese entrepreneurs.

Rahul Yadav, studying in class 11 in a college in Kathmandu, was also enthusiastically observing the fair. He said that besides visiting the start-ups stalls of the fair he got a good opportunity to be learning about various technologies and tools of ‘Google’. He is thinking of opening up a startup company in his near future and also said that the fair is really beneficial.

More than five thousand interested youths had observed the fair and interacted with startup founders. The view seen on the occasion of Bizfest showed the interest of Nepalese youths in startups and how much they are willing to open new ventures. This exhibition had put efforts to bring the different type start ups established in Nepal all at one place. From mobile gaming companies, animation, digital marketing, online shopping, online education, online health facilities to companies engaged in providing advanced agriculture all participated in this exhibition. This exhibition provided a fair chance to all those students and people who want to open their own start ups in near future to interact and exchange ideas with already established companies.

Looking at the number of start-ups and the presence of people willing to open their own ventures Amit Agrawal, the manager of Google Business Group(Nepal) with excitement mentioned that,  “The trend of start-ups is recently introduced in Nepal. Due to various challenges in the society, we have these start ups everywhere to come up with new ideas to solve these problems. However, many people don’t know the actual meaning of start-ups and what kind of start- ups are already established in the Nepali market and what kind of services they provide. And these startup companies do not have the funding and resources to showcase their ideas in expensive halls and through expensive advertisement. Therefore, the Google Business Group has organized this exhibition in combination of with Khalti digital wallet due to such problems in Nepali Start-ups bringing them all together for free exhibitions and opportunity to connect with their potential customers.”

Experts in the program also gave a presentation on the various new technology of Google, which will be very important to start and expand the start-up business. In the exhibition there was a stall that aimed towards ‘Google My Business’. The startups companies listed their names on the Google directory through that stall. Customers can find their business and details related to the business after the company is listed in the directory. In addition to this, those companies also have a chance to show up at the first page of Google search result.
The organizer believes that such programs organized in the exhibition are helping hands in the promotion and development of Nepali Start-Ups.

The Google Business Group has said that this type of program will now be held annually in Nepal.

Translated By Archeesa Aryal

For nepali virson : उद्यमशिलता प्रति युवाको आकर्षण बढ्दो

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