If Osho was alive

Osho left this earth in January 19, 1990. He is recognized by various names including Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Osho and Philosopher Rajneesh. If there is anyone who can translate the truth of life and society in a humorous but effective way, that is Osho.

Firstly, let’s dig in the meaning of the word “osho”. This name was derived from William James’ word “oceanic” which means dissolving in ocean.A person should keep his nature and behavior away from any kind of negative pride despite the influence of various boundaries is the main rule of Osho’s vision.

January is the month of Osho’s highest state of meditation. This January, Livemandu will bring Osho’s speeches to light. What would happen if this intellectual man born in December 11, 1931 was still alive? What if Osho didn’t die at the age of 58?There is a well known question about Lord Buddha, “If Gautam Buddha didn’t leave the world or had reincarnation, what would happen?” Likewise Osho’s followers and followers of philosophy raise the question time and again about what difference would Osho’s presence in this earth till date would make. Osho, a rebel, a revolutionary and a change seeker attacked the sensitivity of human society and human nature through his opinions. Osho’s lifestyle wasn’t normal nor was his thinking. Assimilating the dynamic nature of time, Osho was able to draw a new dimension and constellation in his life. Osho’s words and his speeches had the power to keep you bounded in his world and inspired as long as you hear it.

Osho as an infant didn’t feed on his mother’s milk for about 3 days after he was born. Osho’s father was born in a Jain society and he was a cloth trader. Osho was called by a nickname of “raja”. At the age of 10, Osho was sent to school for the first time and it is believed that he had a unique demand. As the school’s gate was made of elephant, he demanded to go school riding on an elephant and this rebellious demand of Osho was fulfilled. Later Osho actually became the real king of knowledge and vision. At the age of 12, he heard about ghost and spirits and he spent most of his childhood in Masanghat. Osho who wanted to settle in a city of love, freedom and brotherhood later settled in his own Rajnishpur in Oregon, America.

If Osho was among us today, he would have been very old. If Osho, who was taken to God in 1990, was among us today, he would be 87 years old. It has already been 29 years since he left his physical body. Although Osho is not present among us, his vision and knowledge are still equally intense and fierce. If Osho, the exponent of idea of Neo Human and Neo Analysis, was among us today, would he be able to fulfill the new concept of Sanyasi and human?

Growing opponents in today’s society and world has made the need of Osho’s presence even more vital. The world is in need of Osho’s perception and system. Osho is present in our thinking. Osho’s Ashram and ideology were deported from Oregon, US due to various conflicts in internal matter. There were many great personalities born in this earth in every era who addressed eastern culture in western life and society. Osho is one of those great personalities. There are many conspiracy theories regarding Osho’s death including his death was due to slow poison, or his close people deceiving him. Today, there is lot of questions in the mind of young people and they are looking for answers. And maybe if Osho’s was present today, the access and effects of questionnaire and vision would be worldwide. Today, millions of people listen to Osho, assimilate his opinions and worship it. Osho has a spirit of rebellion and also peace which made him a rebel saint. His philosophy and rebel is remarkable in any era. Do not read books that are about Osho but reads books about Osho’s words and beliefs. Osho has written about 1 million books in his life. Osho’s books and his library of knowledge are vast. On average, Osho has read about 6 to 7 books each day throughout his lifetime.

Osho also believed in socialism. Osho can be considered as a synonym for meditation, belief, love, enthusiasm, and freedom. His speeches have been a life guide for thousands of people.

Osho’s answer while he was asked “what are you?” is translated here in English. I’m the sequel of the past. Past cannot understand me, only future can. Past condemns me but cannot understand me. Past isn’t convinced with me and cannot agree with me. Only in the future when people get stuck in the box of mysteries, they start taking absurdity as completeness.

Hundred years from now, when people try to understand the secrets of life, they become less Hindu, less Christian, and less Muslim but become more fanatic. With the growth of human behavior that praises vigilance, it starts welcoming diversity, uniqueness and unity. Freedom is a link to extravagance of human life. Every person should have a different song and he shouldn’t be affected by any other group of people in decision making process and have an individual view and opinion.
I’m the sequel of the past. Past cannot understand me, only future can.


Translated By Archeesa Aryal

For nepali version: ओशो ज्यूदै भएको भए

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