What are the reasons behind sudden death of young people in abroad?

  1. What are the reasons behind sudden death of youth in foreign land?
  2. What are the assumptions made about this sudden death?
  3.  What are the preventive measures to apply for avoiding such sudden deaths?

    Dr.Kalyan Subedi
    Dr.Kalyan Subedi

 1. What are the reasons behind sudden death of youth in foreign land?

The reason differs according to incident. But most of the time, the reasons are unknown. Following things are considered as major reasons for sudden demise at a young age.
Sudden drop of heartbeat (cardiac arrest), heart attack (myocardial infarction),  difficulty in breathing due to excess alcohol intake(alcohol poisoning), extreme warm temperature and dehydration at a same time  (heat stroke), stroke, suicide, blood clots travelling to lungs from legs or other part of bodies in fragments  (pulmonary embolism), carbon monoxide gas poisoning, (severe) sleep apnea (with heavy alcohol)  etc.

Youths staying abroad are more likely to suffer from above mentioned diseases and conditions. The reasons maybe: unhygienic food, forcing yourselves to work more than your body is actually capable of, lack of sleep, less amount of water in body, physical and mental stress, excessive intake of alcohol and cigarettes and lack of regular health check up. I will describe briefly about the diseases mentioned above.

– Our heart pumps blood and circulates it to various parts of bodies due to which the billions of cells are living. The heart pumps blood for around 1 million times a day which means our heart beats for around 1 million times each day. To assist this function of the body, the electric stroke is present in our heart which plays role of power source. If this kind of electric stroke doesn’t occur at the required time, occurs more than required or occurs weakly, our heart stops functioning which is called cardiac arrest in medical terms. If this kind of situation occurs in our body, we are likely to lose our lives within some fraction of seconds.But if our heart is functioning properly and those electric strokes are occurring as required but due to storage of cholesterol, fats in the veins of heart, the cells present in heart slowly die and cause heart (myocardial infarction). In this situation too people lose lives within just few minutes.When we talk about Heart attack, we remember the scenes from movies where people are uncomfortable and shouting but every heart attack is not same. Sometimes due to heart attack people may be unconscious during their sleep and die without anyone knowing. Moreover, if the person has drunk a lot of alcohol then there are chances that the person sitting next to him might not even know about the heart attack. These types of problems mostly occur due to unhealthy eating habits. If you want to know more about heart attack and the preventive measures to avoid heart attack you can go to this link for brief description.

What are the major reasons behind heart attack?

– If someone has taken alcohol in excessive amount(more than the ability of our body to digest it) this alcohol creates blockage in the function of our brain (the area which provides signal to our lungs and chest for inhaling and exhaling process). This can happen in anytime between 2 minutes to 5 hours of taking alcohol and the person is likely to go in coma and lose their life. This condition is likely to occur to youths that have just started taking alcohol. There is another reason too for death due to alcohol. There is a same opening of our food pipe and respiratory pipe.  There is a gag reflex that prevents from letting the food go to lungs. The phenomenon of Gag reflex is controlled by our brain. If people drink a little more alcohol than they normally do, it might affect the gag reflex in our neck and the digested food, acid and many other elements can enter our lungs and create problem in breathing.

– People who work outdoors or in scorching sun may face the problem of dehydration. And if our body temperature increases along with dehydration, the cells in our body may leak and break down in fragments. If this situation lasts for 1 or more than one hour, life maybe in danger.

– Stroke is the condition due to obstacle in blood veins that would stop circulation. This condition may result in death within 3 or 4 hours. It is more likely to occur in people who have heart and blood related problems. If you want to know more about this disease open the link given below

What is stroke or brain attack?

-You might have heard of lots of suicides in abroad. Some people stay depressed for a long time and still not do any kind of medicine to cure their depression or some people are not so open to talk with others aout their problem. Our society doesn’t have a trend of taking depression as a serious condition. And the other problem is many people don’t know the difference between depressed mood and major depression (which may lead to suicidal thoughts). When people with Major Depression discuss about their problems, many people might say, “this is normal, everyone gets depressed sometime in their life” to them which forces people with Major Depression too stay quiet about their problem instead of discussing it with people. You can open this link to know more about this problem.

What is depression? What are the symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder?

-If there is presence of Carbon monoxide gas in your bedroom, you may lose your life within an hour. Carbon monoxide gas might be in your house if you use petrol or gas to run generators, or use dryer for drying your clothes without proper ventilation. This gas doesn’t have a specific color, smell and is transparent. You can easily buy the machine to check the amount if carbon monoxide in your room.

– If you have sleep apnea (this disease makes you snore in your sleep) and you drink lots of alcohol and go to sleep, your breathing might stop for few minutes and die. Every snoring problem doesn’t result in death but if it causes problem in breathing and you take cigarettes and alcohol in excessive amount you might not wake up the next day.

2. What are the assumptions made about this sudden death?

-The assumption widespread is “sir conditioning(AC)” people assume that the main reason for losing life is the cold air from AC. AC cannot be the reason for sudden death. A person who has heart problem and his heart cannot take the demands of body cells can be saved by the cool air from AC as in this case the cold air gives body cells power to resist the body disorder and makes heart to do less work even for a short time and saves the life. AC may be the reason for fever, common cold but it doesn’t take the life of person all of a sudden. But if there is central cooling system and the AC filters are not changes often, and if the water droplets stored in individual AC units present in each room are not examined properly the microorganisms like fungus and bacteria may cause allergy, pneumonia which can be easily cured. But is takes a long time to suffer due to such fungus and bacteria and it doesn’t lead to sudden death.

-The other assumption is “high temperature while working outdoors and cold inside house” But if a person had to die with such problem they should be unconscious the moment they enter the room and be sent to coma

– “People lose their life due to keeping hands in their chest while sleeping” is also a well known assumption. But don’t worry this won’t take away your life.

3. What are the preventive measures to apply for avoiding such sudden deaths?

-Do proper health checkup before moving abroad instead of making fake papers to show in embassy.

-Check your blood every year. If you have problems of cholesterol, triglycerides, then have a proper check up every 6 months. While doing blood checkup check at least CBC, CMP, lipid level, HbA1c. If you want to know what people with high cholesterol, triglycerides need to do, open this link.

What is cholesterol and triglycerides?

– Many diseases are hereditary or due to defective genes. Even if we take good care of our health, have no bad habits of smoking or drinking people may suffer from diseases due to defective genes. You have high chances of suffering from the diseases that your relatives from both mother and father side of family suffered (before they are 67 years old). You can take your parents for regular blood checkup and if any kind of situation is diagnosed you can ask doctor for good preventive measures and tell your family history about diseases.

– If you feel that your heartbeat is a little different, if it beats too fast, and if your left hands, chest, neck have severe pain do EKG as soon as possible.

– Quit smoking from today, stop drinking excessive alcohol or stop alcohol at all, don’t feed your body with excessive food at once; don’t give your body burden by eating alcohol, rice, meat all at once.

– If you have unusual weight gain or bloating of stomach, be careful with your diet and start doing regular exercise. To know more about this open the link that follows.

What are the reasons behind weight gain?

-Drink enough water, use less salt in your food, and stop eating junk.

-Because of the physical labor in work, make sure to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

– If you feel chest burn, dizzy, and tired all at once, visit doctor. Even if the situation is controlled after taking rest for some time, visit doctor the next day.

-If you take regular medicine, do not stop taking it on your own or do not take it randomly by missing out days. In this condition do not drink alcohol.

– If you get tired due to work, don’t feel fresh or active even after sleeping for hours and having proper rest, eat lots of fruits and vegetables for a week. If it doesn’t help, visit a doctor.

-If certain thing stresses you and the stress increases everyday; you feel like crying your heart out, you get annoyed with small things, you have no energy to do any work, you don’t feel like speaking to anyone or being around people, feel sleepy all the time or can’t sleep properly, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Translated By Archeesa Aryal

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