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Facebook Messengers Redesign

Facebook redesigned facebook messenger focusing on simplicity and clutter removal .which we can see in its improved navigation in old version there is almost 6 to 9 items but in new design we saw only 3 items at bottom with elegant presentations .Messenger main motive is to provide good communication and giving feeling of closeness which was not fulfilled due to other distraction such as bots, games payment and many more so now again company brings back to basics and all other features ,widgets are hidden but still present in the app,so let’s talk about updated features of facebook messengers.


New design comes with simple and elegant bottom navigation only with three items chats, people and discover through which basic need of the application is fulfilled . You simply open your messenger to chat or to take and share photos messenger add visual communication features like Camera at the top so you can easily capture and share your selfies.talking about other feature like businesses and game which you can find on tapping bottom right corner icon which makes unwanted widgets hidden from users.


Now people can customize messenger according to their feelings they can give nickname emoji or chat color to their friends and relatives which was also in previous version but the new features is added which is small but delightful now you can customize your chats with different mix of color by using color gradient which gives different looks to your chats , color is not just a color it is a feeling of yourself so messenger gives you a control of sharing you emotion and feeling through their medium.In new feature you can also invert the whole color theme into black which makes all the content white and background black vice-versa so to do this first you should have rooted device to follow following step
1. Download terminal emulator for android click this link to download .
2. Next you have to open the app and type su in terminal .
3. And app will ask you for superuser request go ahead and tap grant

4. Now you have to past the given text into terminal(am start -n “com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity” or “facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity”
)and press enter and automatically new tab will open

5. You have to click search gatekeepers and type dark then click ok new tab will open and you have to simple click and change all no into yes in given option

6. Now done with android emulator close emulator and go to messenger and click on your profile pic and you will see new option available dark mode enable it

and enjoy your dark theme

These are the new and cool update of messenger which increases user experience and gives elegant looks.

-Kshitiz Ghimire

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