The reasons behind sudden death of youth

Whatever happened in past years in the matter related to health let it go but in upcoming years, it is important to raise awareness towards health and various actions should be taken. We need to bring sustainable and positive changes including the awareness about food and exercise. In those bygone years we have seen lots of sudden death of young people and youth suffering various fatal diseases. “I am not that old to be attacked by this disease” are one of those many reasons that youth give to neglect their health. But death and diseases do not see our age. We need to be aware from the very beginning.
The society has given a tag of side effect of drug addiction and overdose to the sudden death of youth but it is really true? Do all youngsters die due to drug addiction? According to a doctor named Carroll Bullock, in various studies, the young people are at high risk of accidental death. Today we are presenting few things written in the International Health Journal called “Medscape”. There are many reasons of sudden death. Today we are discussing those incidents that occur due to our negligence and behavior instead of being an accident. If small positive change towards our lifestyle will make our upcoming years healthy then why not?
Let’s know the reasons for increasing risk of accidental death
1. Smoking
2. The high amount of cholesterol in
3. Lazy lifestyle, stress and lack of exercise
4. High blood pressure
5. Diabetes
6. Cardiac arrest or cardiovascular problems, strokes in the family
7. Stressful lifestyle and less time for yourself etc.

This year let’s be aware if above mentioned things are relatable to our life and our behavior. According to various studies, in Nepal, the rate of smoking is started from a very young age. There is a high possibility of falling into other traps if we start smoking from a young age. In addition to that, unhealthy food, inactive lifestyle, pollution are various factors to the sudden death of Nepali people.
Unmanaged urbanization, chaotic eating habits, lack of exercise people are gaining belly fats or central obesity. Considering these things we shall be aware about our health and try implementing practice of healthy lifestyle. If you smoke, then try reducing it slowly and try not taking it at all after some time. If anyone in your family or you yourself are the victim of diabetes, control your eating habits starting from now.

How can this situation (sudden death) be controlled or minimized?
1. If you smoke, reduce or avoid
2. Practice regular exercises or playing any physical game at least 4 days a week.
3. Regularly checking cholesterol and sugar in your blood (at least once a year)
4. Blood pressure check at an interval of 4 to 6 months.
5. Control blood pressure and diabetes
6. Meet physicians every once in a while and make necessary tests.

In 2011, according to the research done in a hospital of India regarding the sudden death of people at the age of 18 to 35, they categorized the reasons on two types and kept it in order as follows.
1. Cardiovascular problem
2. Non cardiac problems or causes other than heart problems.

Where gastro and digestion problems and problems related to various organs of the body, diseases that show the symptoms of fever or rise of body temperature like; malaria, dengue etc and respiration problems are stated as the main reasons. Let this year, 2019 be the year of prosperous health. Stay close to exercise and stay away from stress, don’t forget to keep you and your mind happy, make some time for you and your body and stay away from any kind of bad habits.

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