Comrade’s affection for Venezuela

Our political leaders are quite influenced by Hindi movies.  Just like the hero of 90’s they don’t hesitate to belittle the villains and show off their power and bravery despite the heavy aftermath of that show off.

Prithvi Narayan Shah once said that Nepal is the Yam( Tarul) between two giant stones. It requires balance. Our leaders have a strong belief on their personal  opinions and philosophy, leave interesting speeches about the powerful countries of the world to be the supporters of socialist and against of capitalism. And this act makes them no less that the Indian actors of 90’s.

I don’t have the courage for briefing about the devotion towards Venezuela but was it important for our leaders to put their views regarding the favor to Venezuela and even if done was it really important to give this act a rise in society? The world’s history is filled with bloodshed no matter how much we try to cover it with peace and brotherhood. Colonialism has found a new identity after 90’s decade. This new identity or say Global Colonialism is the name of intervention, democracy.

Many countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya have already sacrificed themselves in the name of Shabdawali , a fashion or a trend. There is a new disease with the guards of democracy, terrorism. When democracy and terrorism come together, we see the divine dance of those guards of democracy. And in such divine dances there is an equal role of leaders and power of both foreign and own country. We can also blame the country’s leaders and politics rather than just foreign invasion in the case of countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya. When the country is not able to be politically correct and doesn’t know the importance of good politics, upcoming hundreds of generations of that country will have to face the problems aroused.

The world is constantly struggling its way out through hailstorm and it’s like a small kid in the fight between two oxen.

In Jan, 2015 when France was attacked by terrorist, there were many Nepali people who changed their profile picture to Pray for France as an act of support towards the suffering nation but during 2016 when we didn’t even have fuel to cook food & had to rely on firewood, lack of medicine due to the economic blockade, was there anyone to speak for us?

Likewise in 2016 when 14 Nepali labors were killed during a bomb attack how many international news channels made this news their headlines? How many people put “pray for Nepal” in their social media walls and did this matter even get an international fame?

When 12 people died in the Charlie Hedbo case in France the whole world was shook but when 14 Nepali died in Afghanistan not even a corner of the world was aware of that. This incident shows us our little participation in word’s politics and power.

God knows what and how long we will have to pay the price due to this fragile participation of Nepal and the present effects in international field.   It is our culture to raise voice against any act of injustice but it isn’t practical enough to throw stones at others when we ourselves are living in a house made of glass.

Why the opinions of my leaders aren’t heard anywhere when the citizens of this country face problems in foreign countries and even their own country? When the government couldn’t find the criminal of Nirmala Hatyakanda , all Nepali people’s belief and faith towards justice was on risk the hearts of Comrade didn’t melt but today it’s heart melted towards the people of a country that is 7 oceans far from us. Nepali labors in Malaysia are tortured and dying every day and aren’t getting the justice they require just because our country’s politics is poor, our government is powerless. In foreign countries things aren’t determined on the basis of how strong a particular person is but how strong his country is.  While we travel using Nepali passport we have come in various problematic situations in airport itself and the reason for this is our country’s foreign relation and weak diplomacy. We Nepali people that pay taxes to this weak, irresponsible and vague government are tortured every step we take in foreign country and even our country couldn’t make Comrade heart melt but Venezuela did.

Comrade didn’t have a glance at the list of 17 thousands Nepali dying and thousands disappearing but could do this deep study in the affairs of Venezuela makes us shook.  As of today we are speaking about America why didn’t we speak when Russia literally swallowed Crimea? Maybe Comrade’s mood wasn’t at a revolutionary stage at that time. I am afraid of Comrade starting rallies with the foreign oppositions keeping the rallies and disputes of own country side for a while. Well congratulations to Comrade that their revolution is being internationalized.

Nepali people never really blamed Comrade. When they were stepping in Singha Durbar after sacrificing the lives of 17 thousands Nepali citizens, we were the one who welcomed them with claps and flowers.  We didn’t doubt Comrade when they were moving with the aim of progress of common people and end of rich people’s rule. We believed their notes of billions, bed of millions and cars of crores and other unavailing and vain speeches. But today due to their empathy with Venezuela we may be situated in a position of difficulty and the world may look at us with a black eye. We don’t know if this is Comrade’s habit or their fault and negligence but whatever it is we are not ready for the heavy aftermath.

We have no idea what is happening in Venezuela but dear Comrade the borders of Bhantabari is in danger, people are dying due to extreme cold in Bhate Dada, the road of Bhedetar is in critical condition, the son who was taken away by Sasatra Jattha in Bheri 16 years ago hasn’t returned to his home yet and his mother is crying to either give her son alive or at least give his dead body.

Comrade, this world is on the torture of vulture and the whole world is corrupted. In the conspiracy put forward by the rich ones, the powerful people are in the search of a reason and the flesh of dead. Every vulture wants that flesh. The more he gets, the more he wants. Which vulture do you support? I wish sometimes they did something in the favor of country and the citizens. Don’t we have the right to expect even this?

My dear comrade

Written by Suyog Dhakal

Translated by Archeesa Aryal



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