Who is Shiva?

Is Shiva god? If yes, what kind of divine energy does he manifests?
To understand who Shiva is we need deep assimilation and need to dive even deeper in the meaning of Shiva. The center of spiritual advancement of eastern civilization has a lot of tales, scriptures and stories about Shiva.
The lexical meaning of word Shiva is manifestation of nothingness and its fulfillness. But nothingness is the start of many things. Even modern Quantum Physics has explained that nothingness is the start and end of many things. Nothingness is what remains when withholding recognition of anything. Even the start and end of this universe is also from nothing. Nothingness is both beginning and accomplishment is also stated by Advance Science.

This universe is in a constant phenomenon of mammoth nothingness and its relevant events. The rest is nothing and nothing is Shiva. Shiva is a power, energy which has addressed the virtue of nothingness. This universe evolved from nothing and the start of life of everything is from nothing and ends in nothing. This means Shiva is the start and end of everything.

Shiva is a zero energy and energy of nothingness which is not present but still is omnipresent. From the change of hydrogen to helium in constellations, to presence of black hole, to strong rays of sun and other millions of planets, Shiva exists in each one of them. Shiva is related to darkness rather than light. Darkness is the synonym of nothingness but has thousands of light assimilated in it. Be it the bulb we light or the rays of Sun. Light is bounded by age. Even the hydrogen changed to helium also assimilated darkness with them, darkness is immortal and this darkness is the start of cosmos and that start is Shiva. Darkness is the superior possibility of millions of things. We don’t have to light anything for darkness, and it’s just like the flowing water that flows in its own way constantly.

Since we are talking about darkness the divine energy of Shiva can also be compared with evolvement of demon power. But darkness has far more divine energy and power than light as darkness itself is the assimilation of millions of light. Our eastern philosophy has already understood nothingness from Shiva since the very beginning.

This is the interpretation of Shiva’s literal meaning but Shiva has another brief introduction too as a Yogi (divine saint). AadiYogi Shiva is the first spiritual leader of meditation science. To protect life from its fullest possibility and to simplify life and follow the right and meaningful path of life the advocate of Yoga, Shiva has learnt about the truth and development of life and the reality of life. Shiva was represented as a yogi from the early life of human beings when there was no religion and he will remain until the end of time or until this philosophy dives right into the ocean of nothingness.

Yogi means Yog which means joint or connection. Shiva is the one yogi who has experienced all these kind of joints and connection. Unfortunately, Shiva is only limited in the pages and art of calendars. We have failed to find the meaning of Shiva and his existence so we limit him only to art and statues. Today a saint, whose whole body is painted in blue, wears the garland of snake and person with long hair is Shiva for us because the person who paints Shiva in calendars can merely reminisce only that image of Shiva.

When he makes Krishna, he puts a flute in Krishna’s hands, archery is Rama’s back and while making Shiva he puts flowing Ganga and a moon in his long hair. But this is miserable. The biggest misery is that our interpretation about this divine and pure energy is incomplete. In saint culture, Shiva is not considered God but a divine saint who lives in the Himalayas. In human consciousness, the contribution of Shiva is immense. Yog means doing meditation and finally reaching a state of nothingness. Consciousness has nothingness, the practice consciousness of Pashupatinath Shiva also teaches us to observe within ourselves. One life is not enough to understand the true divineness of Shiva. But is we understand just a glimpse f Shiva, our thousand lives are blessed and salivated.

Original Text: Suyog Dhakal
Translation: Archeesa Aryal

For Nepali :शिव को हुन् ?

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