Rukmini’s love letter to Lord Krishna

As Rukmani’s brother was busy fixing her marriage with Jarasangh, she wrote a letter to her beloved Lord Krishna requesting him to come and perform Gandharva marriage with her (an ancient marriage tradition based on mutual attraction between two people with no rituals and no involvement of family members). She wrote a letter and handed it to Brahma, quiet sneakily. From this act we can assume that the practice of writing letters to our beloved started from very early.
Rukmani’s letter:
“Tribhuwan Sundar (the superior of looks),
Your qualities are so blissful that it directly builds a path to listener’s heart from their ears and eradicates despair of every cell in the body and every ounce of sadness the person has captivated in his heart from years. I have heard brief descriptions about those qualities. I am also aware that the biggest benefits of every creature of this world that is blessed with eyes, is that they have the privilege to look at you. Now my heart has dived deeply in you and my mind has gone into the meditation of your thosughts. Now I am not even ashamed of saying anything. I have failed to captivate these feelings inside me.

When I look at you from any perspective, you are a charming, gentle man and a scholar. There is no one as compare to you. All the humans from this earth feel a certain kind of pleasure in their hearts when they look at you. Now tell me which woman wouldn’t see you as her husband when she reaches a marriage age? Therefore, look at me describing about you with the same perspective. You are enlightened and you know everything. I can’t hide my feelings from you. Please come and accept me as your wife. I have already sacrificed my heart for a brave person like you, I am already yours. Just like a fox touches lion, I don’t want any Sishupal to touch me. My whole life I have been worshipping Purta(wells, lakes, ponds), donating, fasting etc and if god has been happy with any of my act, bring Lord Krishna and take me with him. I don’t want to be touched by any man other than Shree Krishna.

Lord you are unbeatable. Before a day of my marriage with Jarasangha, sneak in to my capital with your soldiers and beat Jarasangh and his warriors. Destroy them with your bravery and power and make me yours that day. You may think that I belong to the Janana Palace in Antapur and you need to kill my brothers before taking me with you but I also have a remedy for this. According to our family tradition we have a huge rally to visit and worship our Kul Devta and the bride needs to visit a temple outside of the city. You can easily take me along with you during that time. Lord Shiva, the triumvirate also bathes with the dirt of your feet to purify himself. If I don’t get that blessing, that Prasad, that dirt from your holy feet I will fast for the rest of my life and ultimately die of sickness. Even if I have to take hundreds of re birth, I will and I will certainly be blessed from your Prasad some day.”

For Nepali :द्वापर युगमा रुक्मिणीले कृष्णलाई लेखेको प्रेम पत्र

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