Migraine Headache

Know More About Migraine Headache

1. What are the symptoms of migraine headache?
Intolerable headache, mostly only one part of the head pains; slowly eyes, throat and even ears start to ache; the person can’t even accomplish small and simplest tasks, can’t walk, high pitched voice or powerful and intense light make them suffer more. Nausea and vomiting are also quite common (this can take place before migraine headache starts); dizziness, difficulty in vision as the person might have the feeling of having a cloud or something in his eyes; tiredness, feeling like sleeping in a dark and lonely room; the symptoms and headache may last from few hours to few days and the symptoms return often and last for years.

In some cases before the symptoms of migraine headache are seen, Aura (i.e.: preliminary symptoms) occur, and those symptoms differ from person to person. Few symptoms are as mentioned; (difficulty in vision) while observing something, the person can’t see anything of the center part, or sometimes half of the part is invisible and blurry and can see nothing but darkness for a while; hands and legs feel heavy, weak and uncomfortable, difficulty in speaking, feel that they have lost their memory, be nervous and alarmed etc.
2. What are the triggers of migraine headache?
For many people this is a lifelong process. Migraine headache comes and goes throughout their life. Sometimes specific things awake the migraine headache that was asleep for a while. Every person doesn’t have such triggers and people do not have similar triggers. And to find out the triggers the person needs to record everything in a diary (what he eats, what activity he does) especially that day when he was having migraine attacks. Remember, triggers and causes are different things. There are generally these types of triggers; (food) dry salty food, tea, coffee, alcohol etc; any kind of smell; pressure from work and stress; (temperature) warm or cold environment.
3. What is the treatment?
If you only have headache then it might be cured after doing a proper eye checkup. Because some people suffer from headache due to eye related problem. In case of no problems in eyes, we can cast doubt that it is migraine headache. Along with headache if you have sudden memory loss, pain in right or left side of the body, weakness in hands and legs then immediately rush to hospital.
Home remedies: Usually home remedies don’t work for people suffering from chronic migraine (long term). If some people have other kind of headache similar to migraine headache just like tension headache, these remedies may work. General home remedies are; first of all we need to find out migraine triggers and be aware and avoid such triggers, sit in dark and cold place, use ice pack in areas of pain (some people use lavender oil, basil or mint oil). This is more effective for tension headache, meditation, Acupuncture and massage also helps. Yoga and exercise is also quite effective but if the migraine headache has already started doing such activities may harm even more. These types of remedies are more useful in context of tension headache.

Second Phase Remedy: If above mentioned remedies don’t work, then a common pain killer which doesn’t require doctor’s prescription and is easily available in pharmacies should be taken. Medicine: Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen/Paracetamol, Aspirin, Caffeine, Ibuprofen (or if these don’t work) + Acetaminophen/Paracetamol + Caffeine combo (all these combined and made into one tablet)
Third Phase Remedy: all of these medicines require doctor’s prescription. These medicines are given on the basis of your age and the health condition of your body. Generally, I prescribe these medicines.

* Topiramate : This can also be used in case of any other diseases related with brain. This medicine desn’t increase your weight rather decreases it.
* Atenolol and Propranolol: these medicines are used during many heart related problems. (BP high, anxiety etc)
* Sumatriptan: this is found in the form of nasal spray
* Valproic acid: It is used during bipolar (mania), seizure and other brain related diseases. It can increase weight of   body in some cases. If you use this medicine regularly make sure to do regular blood check up for at least months.
*Combo of Butalbital + acetaminophen + caffeine
* Amitryptyline, Nortryptyline (these medicines are used during depression, sleep problems etc
* Ergotamine + Caffeine
and many more.

4. Combined answer for many questions: Isn’t there a permanent remedy? What food to take and what to avoid? Is treatment necessary?
-This disease is categorized as chronic disease and doesn’t have a fast remedy. in some cases after 20-30 years of migraine headache it slowly disappears.
– If medicine isn’t helping you, revisit the doctor. They may need to increase the doze of your medicine or add some new medicines. Don’t change your doctor time and again.
-If you want to fully cure this disease, visit a neurologist or psychiatrist. But any doctor has the ability for its treatment.
– You don’t need to avoid any food for this disease. But if a particular food is your migraine trigger, stay away from that.
– if you don’t have any problem other than headache and you have the capacity to tolerate your headache then you can avoid any kind of treatment. But remember, there are many ther dangerous diseases that have the symptoms of migraine.

– Every headache is not migraine headache. Migraine comes all of a sudden and leaves after a time and this phenomenon lasts for many years. If your head pains whole day and night for a long time. It may not be migraine
– If someone says, “migraine is nothing. It happens to me too but is cured within minutes.” Then trust me, that person knows nothing about your pain.
– The main reason for this disease isn’t known till date. But from the researches and facts known, due to many reasons neurochemical leak from brain’s nerve endings and harm the veins near those nerve endings (make swollen or expand those veins) and until the veins come back to their original condition, migraine headache is observed.

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