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Nepali Trekking Guides Getting Global Recognition

22 thousand trekking guides of Nepal will now get recognition of International Mountain Leader. Trekking guides that were only limited to Nepal are now being put in a training as per the syllabus of International Mountain Leader Association and are being prepared for getting international fame as mountain leader.

After taking the training and being a member of Union of International Mountain Leader Association (UIMLA), Nepali trekking guides will be recognized internationally. 24 countries of the world are members of UIMLA. This year 750 guides took the training as per the approved course of UIMLA. And according to Uttam Bhattarai, the Administrative Officer of Nepal Mountaineering Association, these guides will get worldwide recognition as mountain leaders the upcoming year. He said, “Trekking guides should not be limited to own country, UIMLA has no second thoughts on making Nepal a member. This is why we have started taking little steps and now they will be able to work worldwide as mountain leaders.”

According to department there are 22 thousand guides. Trekking guides are given permission by Tourist Department after their completion of training including culture, tourism by Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management. The government gives permission for 5 years. Although the guides may have to take the training again for renewal but Nepal Mountaineering Association is putting efforts to produce skilled manpower. Guides are often considered the administrators for walking by feet by UIMLA.

Karna Ghale, the chairperson of Nepal Mountaineering Association  says, “With increase in number of guides that are well trained, the safety of walkers or hikers has increased, compulsory insurance in case of any misfortunate event, and are getting proper rights as per the Labor Act”. UIMLA stated that Nepali guides didn’t meet their criteria as the training provided to them was just general information in the name of formalities. UIMLA has accused the trekkers that it was limited to scoring more marks in examination rather than a proper behavioral and experimental training.

Nepal Mountaineering Association has started prioritizing the failed and behavioral classes. But the participants have said that Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management doesn’t prioritize experimental and field study. 58 Nepali guides got permission to work in mountains all over the world as international guides. On this basis, government has decided to give them recognition of international guides with a certificate.

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