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Is your college online?

With nearly three million students currently enrolled in fully online programs and six million taking at least one online course as a part of their degree, online education has clearly become the future of education. But what about Nepal? How are our students going to adapt the learning process when they go for abroad study? Maybe we are still hanging on the assumption that ‘real course’ or ‘real exam’ is only taken when we are physically present in a classroom. In this digital era, we need to bucket along our education system. We are still having a hard time taking online course seriously. Okay so let’s dive deeper into the sea of online education.

Why online education?

Convenience: Unlike classrooms, we can learn according to our convenience. Online classes are flexible. They meet up our plans and our busy schedule too. Long trips to schools and libraries are not required. You can train yourself anytime and anywhere.

Improves interaction even for shy students: Online courses offer shy and more introverted students an opportunity to participate in class discussion as they don’t have to go through face to face discussion sessions. And according to some researches, the reports of some students are also improved due to lack of classroom activities.

Part time students or job holders can take advantage: You don’t need to worry about quitting your job to get your degree. Those 5 hour classes are now all available in your desktop. Everyone who is a part time student or a job holder can take full advantage of web based learning.

Promotes active learning: We have a habit of learning in presence of a teacher. Even if we come up with slightest problem, we head towards our teacher or smart friends asking them to solve. But online courses promote independent learning.

Less expensive: Online courses are proved to be less expensive than traditional classes. Although the courses may charge some good amount of money but the costs such as transportation, study materials etc are all narrowed down since everything is available in your computer.

Online schools are as effective as traditional schools. The curriculum, teaching efficiency is exactly the same or even better plus the advantages as mentioned above. While weighing the pros and cons of online classes, students can take comfort of virtual learning but the required course work, assignments and deadlines, exams, reports etc will remain the same but in a new and better format.

Today the advent of online education has made all the information available within a click of button. We are not saying that traditional method of learning should be discontinued but online learning is a great alternative. We can even mix both for good results and maximize the option that has done much good for us.

But vividly, the advancement of technology in education sector is not doing much for Nepal. Since Nepali students visiting abroad for higher studies is in massive amount, the education system in Nepal should be similar to international learning system. If so, students can adapt to new environment easily. Every students hustling here and there for your ideal college, ask them, “Is your college online?” because this is an era of digital technology where technology feeds itself and we need to put our best foot forward in education sector too.

Is your college online?

Posted by Nepali Student on Wednesday, 6 March 2019

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