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Seven Days Seven Features Events and Notes Now Available in Hamro Patro

In a conversation with an old man about Hamro Patro, he took me back to the old times. Time is changeable; he talked about the time when people used to see sun and stars in sky and determine time. Half of his life was spent when calendars were not that common and people had to visit learned persons to know about various important dates. And I started assimilating the fact that how important are events, dates and their memory.

Hamro Patro escaped the old tradition of having access to tithis and dates and made them easily accessible to everyone.

Nepali people who have access to internet and technology shouldn’t go anywhere to know about big festivals, Swasthani Pujas, Ekadashi etc. Every events and notes are available in their hands along with important news. The new feature is all about touching Nepali lifestyle and keeping notes about daily activities and things to do. Most often we remember few things at night before sleeping such as, events to cover, places to go that we had forgotten. This has been a severe disease of all Nepali people and the main reason why we often forget things is due to lack of keeping track and notes. And we also lack a source that would remind us of our important things to do.

Today Hamro Patro is downloaded in more than 60 lakhs phones of Nepal and is reflecting a sense of oneness with its red color, the color of our flag. Now we can mark any day of the year which is important to us or if an important event is coming up and keep notes. We don’t have to forget important things or someone’s birthday anymore. Hamro Patro has you all covered. It will remind you of your important days in main menu in block letters. You can mark any days of the calendar and place it in the events and notes option.

This feature is really very important and you will always have Hamro Patro’s back to manage your events routine and to remind you of them. But for the availability of this feature, you need to log in. Log in is quite easy; you can log in through Facebook or your Gmail account. Also you have one more pros in this event and notes feature. You can edit and also change it in different colors according to your preference.

I hope Nepali people will be moving forward along with time and not imply ‘Nepalitime’ in any of their programs and not miss their important events anymore. This is the main aim of Hamro Patro. This feature will surely help in everyone’s day to day life and be helpful for Nepali people success.

Hamro Patro will remind you of required things on required days. This app in your hand has your all problems solved. So this is the new feature for the day. I will be back with one new feature of Seven day, seven features tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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