how to cure acne

Why Do Acne Occur? How To Cure Acne?

How does acne occur?

When you look at the picture in this post, the root of first hair is healthy hair follicle. There is a gland present in between outer layer of skin and hair follicle called sebaceous gland which secrets sebum. That secretion gradually comes out through the holes present in that hair follicle and make our skin oily. In addition to sebum, the dead cells of skin called keratin also come out. The epidermis layer of our skin (the blue part in picture) constantly changes.

Now when you look at the second hair follicle in picture, if due to any reason the small hole through which hair grows in our skin is stuck and sebum and keratin cannot come out, then acne occurs. In some people, the sebaceous gland secrets sebum in massive amount due to the androgen hormone and they suffer from huge amount of acne at a same time.

The real problem takes place when the propioni bacteria, which is commonly found in skin enters the hair follicle and starts spreading. The bacteria multiply in large number inside sebum. And when such bacteria start multiplying in huge number, the immune system of the body starts activating and those immune cells enter inside acne and make that acne even bigger.

This phenomenon becomes more intense when we try squeezing or playing with our acne. That activity disturbs the whole natural cycle. If we squeeze pimple, sebum gets exposed to outer air and get oxidized due to and starts leaving a black mark which is called black head.

How to prevent acne?

Not everyone suffers from acne. And for those who suffer there is no specific treatment. It slowly disappears on its own. And people who suffer from acne due to hormones or hyperkeratonosis can just prevent it from flaring up.

How can you cure acne?
People who suffer from acne frequently should mostly focus on two things. First: taking care of skin pores from which hair follicle grows. Second: not letting bacteria enter hair follicle. For this the part of skin which is more prone to acne should be kept clean and fresh.

Daily activities: wipe your skin with lukewarm water, then clean your skin using benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid (lactic acid/mandolic acid/glycolic acid) Benzoyl peroxide gets rid of bacteria causing acne. Alpha-hydroxy acid and Salicylic acid gets rid of dead cells (keratin) as fast as possible that ultimately prevents from jam in skin pore. Above mentioned acids are mixed in various cosmetic products like lotion, moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen. But always be careful as these acids can sometimes cause irritation to some people’s skin. In that case use sulphur that is commonly found in the form of lotion or foam.

How to remove black heads caused by acne?

For removing black heads, you can make a paste of gum plus activated charcoal and remove after it dries. But remember the gum shouldn’t cause any side effects on your skin and also ask for a gum that is easy to use and has no effects.

Pores and holes are seen throughout the face due to acne? What should be done to remove them?

There is no such homemade remedy for the pores in skin. However you can visit a dermatologist and fill up the pores using medicine and injections. The medications may be a month or a year long. While using hyaluronic acid daily or at least 2 or 3 times a week, the pores seem to be filled up.


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