Last dictator of Europe

The Last Dictator of Europe

21st century and Europe and a leader who is considered to be the last dictator and today we are writing about him. Europe is the land of dictators, be it Hitler or Napoleon. Blood, sacrifice and protest is still alive in the sand of Europe. The traces of the democratic protest during 17th century against king are still present in Europe. In the land of dictatorship and democracy Europe, a dictator is still alive in this 21st century.

Belarus, one of the countries of Europe is considered as the land of last dictator. Belarus is seen as the last effect and result of Soviet Union. Currently hundreds of people are protesting against government in the capital of the country, Minsk. Belarus now has extremely strict but modern and effective government. President Alexander Lukashenko is considered as the last dictator of Europe, his supporters and protestors are seen in equal amount in his own country. Currently he is seen to have a close relationship with Soviet Union and he is the first ever president of Belarus and was elected as president in 1994.

In Belarus, trade and economy is in the hands of government. The tradition of people accepting every decision of the government without any queries or objection is still prevalent in this country. Time and again Belarus is called out by UN and other human rights organization but Alexander states that his leadership and work is suitable for their country and he is working hard to eliminate poverty from the country. Capital Minsk still has the tanks used in Second World War, spots of army parades, Stalin’s footprints are kept valuably. The devotee of Stalin and Soviet Union, the last dictator of Europe is still not under the keen eyes of economic policy. It is a matter of surprise.

When leaders like Guddafi and Husain were ended by the world power then why this dictator of Europe is now staying in Europe as a leader? People assume that this is because of the favor done by Russia. What comes as a matter of surprise is during the president elections of 2018, this president leaded by 83% votes in his favor. Serving in army is mandatory in this country and children are taught lessons about the deeds of president since an early age, while teaching this lesson children are said not to ask many questions to teacher. While Russia invaded Cremia in 2014, why did this president not say a word? Actually the whole world was silent but since he was silent in this event, people assume that he was highly favored by Russia during the elections. Belarus is quite forward in manufacturing weapons and Russia is the main consumer of this. This country is somehow dependent to Russia in every way. Ham and mozzarella manufactured in Belarus is found everywhere in Moscow, this says a lot about the economic relation of both countries.

Generally, many people of Belarus are found taking European Union’s visa. Every day thousands of Belarus citizens are found going around taking Schengen visa. Belarus is such an advanced country in terms of technology and innovation. The face swapping MSQRD feature of facebook was first invented here. World of tank, one of the famous games was also invented in Belarus. Casinos, hotels along with black market are widely prevalent in Belarus recently. After casinos were banned in Russia, they are now getting a good market in Belarus but along with that drugs and trafficking are also emerging as shown in reports.

Alexander, who carries himself as a macho man loves being covered by media. He loves talking in a humorous way and connects stories and proverbs to his speech. Even after Second World War, it is believed that more than 14 lakhs people lost their life in this country, the older generation of many houses are said to be missing. During the nuclear reactor circumstance at the time of Soviet Union, Belarus was affected and it hasn’t spoken about how this will affect the upcoming generation. Because of making the country dependent on Russia through many ways and narrowing the government, people are protesting. Let’s see how long does the last dictator lasts.

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