M1; The Indonesian Cult who makes your Debt Disappear

With inequality growing, people around the world are facing massive debts. But what if someone could magically make all your debts go away? Indonesia, a mysterious cult with the impressive name Swissindo World Trust International Orbit has attracted a global following for its promise to magically make one’s debts go away. The group is led by Soegihartonotonegoro, a charismatic leader who calls himself M1, and presents himself as a god like figure who can erase the world’s debt due to a seemingly limitless ancient inheritance.

Kimarie Teter, the designated prime minister of love for United States, left California because she believes the leader will not only change the world but also erase all her issues with debt. However Krimarie’s story was a little hard to believe and she didn’t supply any proofs.

While going online for more research about this mysterious group, the group’s complex mythology combines various worldwide conspiracies extending from pre- colonial Indonesia to JFK assassination and an encounter with aliens.

M1 says he is a descendant of the ancient kings and as heir to their fortune and he has access to giant hidden cache of gold and platinum. It is large enough to get every man, woman, and child six million dollars when he decides to spread the money around.

Swissindo’s followers held weekly online global meeting to check on the progress of the revolution. Swissindo is currently under investigation for fraud as more and more debtors are presenting the certificate to the bank. “The OJK made a big mistake by condemning Swissindo and calling us illegal. If you don’t want to make peace, I am ready to issue a statement of war.” says M1.

When asked about how and where does this wealth come from M1 redirected the conversation. He said people would put a gun to his head if he told them. “Even when I tried to bring this up peacefully, people still antagonized me and told me that it was illegal.” M1 said that he had kind of bloodline connection with King Solomon. However no such proofs were found.

The group offers an attractive story for people looking for meaning or those desperately in debt searching for a solution. But if you look closer grand theories of conspiracies and revolution don’t actually make sense and seem to hide the real picture behind the group’s activities.

So, what is Swissindo? Critics say that the group is pyramid scheme masking as a cult but Swissindo claims this is a lie and an attempt by his enemies to undermine the group’s great work. Whatever the truth, one thing is certain as long as people are getting screwed by global capitalism those on the long side will be looking for a way out and there always will be charismatic gurus, prophets and reincarnated royalty telling us they alone have answer to all our problems.

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