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College of Central State Initiated Public Health Awareness Program on World Health Day

२५ चैत्र २०७५, सोमबार १६:११

College of Central State located in Soltimode, Kalimati makes their students involve in various extracurricular activities. Science, arts and management courses are taught in this particular college. This college is also one of the top priorities of students willing to study social work. On the auspicious occasion of International Health Day, April 7, CCS initiated a rally by carrying banners and broom and cleaned the surrounding nearby along with spreading messages of awareness.

With academics and extracurricular activities hand in hand, the college is also starting online courses in near future. There are enough colleges in Nepal that bring study materials and courses from top colleges of the world but among those colleges of Nepal, there are very few who also provide online courses to their students. Because Nepal hasn’t given priority to online learning, when Nepali students go abroad for further study they can’t keep up with the education system of foreign countries. Satsom and College of Central State are now collaborating for going online. After the program starts, students will be able to find study materials online easily. Satsom is such great platform for studious students. It provides the opportunity of scholarships in Ji’an state of China, for students who do well in entrance exams.


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