Educated Fools

I want to burn all those books which give us knowledge

and paint the faces of their writers with its ashes.

The things I was taught from those books were all wrong

because my society says so

and I believe the society says no lies.

An old woman is beaten in the guilt of being a witch,

yes, she should be.

In the name of dowry, the newly married girl is robbed,

she deserves it.

If your son brings a lower caste girl,

they should be kicked out.

Those writers are so immoral

who tried to teach us from middle school

that these things are wrong

and we, as students used to put neat covers in those books

studying in one of the most expensive boarding schools of the city.

Why read those books?

why send your children to learn those lies

when you know that those things are just socially unacceptable?

From tomorrow onwards, don’t go to schools

where you are taught things

that are deemed illicit by the society

instead go and be a potter

at least you’ll earn some money for your family.

-Vistin aeo

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