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From frustration to fascination, keep growing with smiles.

Modern society demands more money, more materials, more power, more holdings and the materialistic pervasiveness. Sounds detached but the truth is our life is defined not by the things we

Tulsi Pooja its process, methods, and Mantras

The Sanatan philosophy and the Hindu way of living is always accompanied by the Tulasi tree at the courtyard. This article attempts to describe the religious and scientific description of

A festival for the Sun; Chhath

Sun is probably the first biggest, brightest and magnificent object observed by the mankind. With its prolific impact upon everything that stays in the planet, every motion and emotions are


Tihar also known as Deepawali and Yamapanchak, is a five day long Hindu festival celebrated primarily in Nepal and some parts of India such as Darjeeling , Sikkim, and Assam.


Holidays are the most awaited time of the year. We crave for holidays to take a break from our boring routine and make numerous plans for the same. In short


photonepal ( campaign is a special platform to exhibit photographs of all including potterer and professional alike and building business contacts between photographers and patron. In addition to #photonepal, it

अन्नपूर्ण! एउटा अद्भूत सुन्दरता बोकेको भयानक शिखर

अन्नपूर्ण देविको काठमाण्डौं असनमा भएको मन्दिरको कथा देखि आधूनिक कालमा हलिउडमा निकै बिख्यात चलचित्र बनाएको र बनाउने अन्नपूर्ण फिल्मससम्म यो नाको ख्याती छ । अन्नपूर्ण देवीको यस नाममा चलचित्र निर्माता

Nepal Through the Lens of Danny; a Belgian Photo Journalist

Danny is a Belgian photographer who has visited Nepal about 14 times. In a conversation with him, he shares his experience and life in Nepal. he first visited Nepal in

YALA International Independent Film Festival 2019 Held In Lalitpur

YALA International Independent Film Festival is the initiative of the promotion of Independent films and art works. The motive of YIIFF is to advocate social issues and raw stories through

Philosophical Interpretation of Newton’s Laws of Motion

Modern religion needs to have a proper balance between science and philosophy. We all know the greatest three laws of motion that Newton put forward. Here is the philosophical interpretation